What to Do When My iPhone Wont Turn On?

Last night my iPhone fell into the water by accident. When I got it back and dried, I found out that my iPhone wont turn on any more. I was so frustrated and decided to fix it by myself. Therefore, I go to the Internet and search for some solutions and tools that can restore my iPhone to normal. Here is what I found and did afterwards.




Part 1. Why does iPhone won't turn on?


It looks like a common issue that iPhone can't start up due to water damage, iOS update, iOS degrade, iOS crashes and so forth. Although the error that my iPhone wont turn on is caused by water damage, I would like to post other reasons so as to give you a more specific image of disabled iPhone.


1. iPhone Runs out of Charge

There is no doubt that your iPhone can't turn on when iPhone's battery charge is zero. Hence you are supposed to make sure that your iPhone has enough charge to use.


2. iOS Firmware Breakage

If find out that your iPhone screen is black, stuck on Apple logo, in recovery mode, etc, you need to check if your iOS firmware is corrupted or not.


3. Hardware Flaws

You ought to check your iPhone hardware to see whether it performs well or not when your mobile still fails to work after charging, resetting, putting to DFU Mode and restoring. If the hardware of your iPhone has something wrong, then you should have it tested and fixed in Apple Store.


Part 2. Tips for You to Fix iPhone Won't Turn on


1. Get Your iPhone Charged

You can try to charge your iPhone battery for 15- 30 minutes to see whether it can automatically launch after charging. Besides, please debug both charger and cable beforehand.


2. Reboot

If charging can't work, you can simultaneously press the "Home" and "Sleep/Wake" buttons to restart it. PS: Your iPhone is booting up when the Apple logo appears.


3. Reset

You can set up all the iPhone settings again as below.


Force both Home button and Power button to reboot your device > Navigate to Setting > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.


4. Fix iPhone Won't Turn on via iTunes

iTunes can be used to restore your iOS device. If the above tips are insufficient, maybe you need to recover iPhone via iTunes after you get into the Recovery Mode.


Part 3. What I Do to Repair My iPhone

In fact, I choose another way to fix my handset. I think what I select is the most suitable and easy solution for my iPhone. Guess what I pick out? Well, the answer is iOS Data Recovey. This program provides me with simple steps to get rid of abnormal iPhone when my iPhone wont turn on any longer. Here are my operations.



Step 1. Select "System Recovery"

After I download, install and open iOS Data Recovey on my computer, I click on the "System Recovery" option. Then I plug my iPhone into the computer.



Step 2. Choose an iOS Firmware for my iPhone

I follow the instructions in iOS Data Recovery to download an available firmware that will be utilized to restore my iPhone.



Step 3. Repair My iPhone Wont Turn On Problem

When I completely download the firmware, iOS Data Recovery goes ahead to recover my mobile by auto.