Fix My iPhone Wont Charge Issue

It is depressing that my iPhone wont charge any more after I update my iOS version to iOS 11. And it seems that my situation is not a special case. There are many complaints about the battery problem among iPhone users who just upgrade operating system to a new iOS 11. In fact, the iPhone can't charge error is caused by various reasons.




Reasons for iPhone, iPad or iPod Wont Charge


1. Hardware problems - iPhone hardware like USB cable, Dock connector and wall adapter are required when you charge your iPhone device.


2. Software errors - Sometimes iPhone can't charge due to some software breakage or other software flaws. If you are suffering from such incidents, you can use the following methods to fix your iPhone.


How to Fix iPhone not Charging Issue After iOS Upgrade


When I find out that my iPhone has charging problem, I go to google and search for 2 questions: "Why wont my iPhone charge?" and "How can I fix it?" And here are what I found to restore an unchargeable iPhone on the Internet. You can give a shot before you go to the Apple store and change your battery to a new one.


1. Check and debug your charging cord


It is a common knowledge that an exposed internal wire is not safe to charge your iPhone or any other digital devices. Moreover, your iPhone might become incapable of charging if you use such a cable to connect.


2. If your charging cable is good, then you can try to change the wall outlet


3. Charge your iPhone after turning it off


To conduct this adjustment, you need to hold the "On/Off" button and then turn off your iPhone when you see "Slide to power off" on your iPhone screen.


4. Hard reset your iPhone 


If the first 3 method can't work well, you can try to hard reset your smartphone as follows.


Firstly, press and hold the "Sleep/Wake" button and the "Home"button. Then let go both buttons when you see the Apple logo screen shown.


5. Fix your iPhone via iTunes


If you want to restore iPhone by using iTunes, you should back up your iPhone with iTunes in advance.


6. Don't use non-official Apple-matched chargers


A cheap cable with low quality always causes problem during iPhone charging. Hence you had better use the official Apple-matched chargers and wires that are already certified.




How to Repair iPhone Charging Slow After Downloading iOS 11


Aside from my iPhone wont charge, I also find that my iOS device is charging more slowly than before. Do you encounter a similar scenario? How can you speed up your charging process? Below are my idea for reference.


1. Switch to Airplane Mode and turn off Wi-Fi


This makes battery charge faster but you won't be allowed to make or receive calls, messages, and notifications while charging.


2. Turn off iPhone


This way is similar to the first suggestion. You can try this way during the night when you won’t need to use your iPhone.


3. Clean charging port for your iPhone


The charging speed of your iPhone slows down if your iPhone's lightening port is covered by dirt or dust. Hence you should turn off your handset and then clean the port with toothpicks or dry soft toothbrush after a period of use.


4. Apply an iPad charger for your iPhone device


If you have an iPad charger, you can try this way to charge your iPhone faster.


Above is all the tips and tricks that I can find to get out of my iPhone wont charge situation. They work for me and I hope they are effective for you.