3 Best Volume Booster for iPhone/iPad for 2017

iOS devices are great, but maybe one thing you are not satisifed with iPhone or iPad is the volume. The original design of the iDevice does not offer you a pleasing experience of listening to music. But you don’t have to endure this and you can have a better experience by using a music volume booster.


The music volume booster can be used to enhance the experience while you are listening to music. However, there are a lot of volume booster apps on Apple’s App Store; it is hard for iPhone users to choose one that suits best. That’s why we write this article to make a review of the 3 best iPhone volume boosters so you can pick up the right one instead of going through all apps on App Store.

Bass Boost Volume Enhancer

As its name suggests, Bass Boost can offer you an amplified bass tone. Its developer - DJiT SAS, has developed it into several language versions, including English, French and Portuguese. The file size of this iPad volume enhancer is 33.1 MB with a 4+ stars rating on iTunes.



1. This app really maximize bass tones to the best.
2. You can easily adjust the volume levels.


1. Bugs can still be found on new version.
2. It does not support to pause or skip tracks using earbud controls and you have to do this from within the app.


Equalizer Pro Volume Booster

Developed by NovaApps, Equalizer Pro is a volume enhancer app for iPhone, iPad and AppleWatch. As a new generation app with enhanced media player capabilities and sound quality, this audio booster has 764 ratings and rates 4.0 stars on iTunes. The price of this volume booster is $3.99 for now.



1. Equalizer offers a Equalizer+- version which is free for use. 

2. It can play music outside of sound cloud and music library.


1. Display bugs can sometimes irritate users.
2. There is no batch managing feature for you to add or delete multiple songs at the same time.



Kaiser Tone Audio Player

Kaiser Tone Audio Player enables you to experience the great power of music on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Designed by CyberFort LLC, this music volume booster is resized to 30.0 MB.



1. This iPhone volume booster maximizes the sounds on the headphones, making them crisp and light.

2. It provides four playback modes which can be switched with ease.


1. Its price at $9.99 is higher than an average iPhone volume booster.
2. It supports only iOS devices.


Manage and Backup iPhone/iPad/iPod Music

It is suggested that while enjoying beautiful music on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, you should never forget to create a backup of your songs. iTunes Music Manager enables you to manage your music on the iDevice very easily. You can backup the music to your computer, edit the music files, download music from 100+ online sources, record music from online radio stations or streaming sites like Spotify, rebuild and clean up iTunes Music Library and more.


iTunes Music Manager