How to Get Data Moving from iPhone to Android Phone?

You may see a lot of people have switched or are switching from iPhone to Android. Don’t be surprised as you can find Android has some obvious advantages over iPhone. On one hand, Android does not have too many limitations as iPhone do; on the other hand, Android can offer users a bigger screen, which Samsung Galaxy series can definitely prove you of that. Taking the above into consideration, you might also want to make the switch. If you have this plan, there are a few things you may need to know before moving from iPhone to Android.


If this is the first time you use an Android phone, you may have to start from scratch and study how Android works. Fortunately, it is not difficult. What you should care about is how to transfer contacts, photos, audio, videos, documents, messages and other data from your iPhone to the new Android phone. Transferring from iPhone to Android is not just like upgrading from iPhone 6 to iPhone 7, but it’s more akin to moving from Apple Macintosh to Windows. And not surprisingly, Apple has never made it easy for you to do that. Realizing that people like you are struggling to seek for solution for this, we are glad to guide you through moving from iPhone to Android phone.


You would not count on apps that allows you transfer only a small part of the data. But you can rely on us because we will offer you a powerful data transfer tool that can transfer iPhone data to Android or in the other way round.



After you download and install Phone to Phone Transfer on your computer, you can refer to the following guidelines.


Step 1: Launch App

Run the data transfer app and when you see below interface, choose “Phone to Phone Transfer”.

moving from iphone to android - app interface


Step 2: Connect iPhone & Android with PC

Connect both your iPhone and Android phone with the computer via USB cables, and Phone to Phone Transfer will detect the phones then.


Step 3: Select Data Content to Transfer

Once the devices are connected, you will see below screen, now just select the content you want to transfer.

moving from iphone to android - select content 

Step 4: Transfer Data

After selecting the data, click “Start Copy” to get the data started moving from iPhone to Android.

moving from iphone to android - transfer data