How to Fix Mac Running Slow?

Why is my Mac running slow? I have used a MacBook for years and recently I find out that it runs more and more slowly. I want to know the reasons that cause this problem as well as some efficient ways to recover my MacBook. Can you give me some advice? Thanks in advance!

- asked on an iPhone support forum


Like other digital devices, Macs will get slow as time goes by. This circumstance occurs owing to different factors. If you expect to speed up your Mac, you are supposed to have problem-oriented strategies. Here I would like to propose some analyses and solutions and hope those messages can help you get rid of Mac running slow.


1. Mac Storage is getting full

There is nothing that slows a Mac than having too many files and documents on hard drive!


With solid-state drives (SSDs) of Mac computers becoming more and more popular, Mac gets a capacity which is less than a traditional hard drives. And even a 128 GB SSDs is easily filled up by iPhoto library, which is very inconvenient for people who likes to save a large number of video or photos files on Mac. Therefore, when you find out that your Mac is running slow, the first thing you need to do is to check your Mac storage as below.


Firstly, you should click the Apple menu and then opt for "About This Mac".

Then, you can hit "More Info" to select "Storage".

After that, you can check your space of disk drive.


How to fix: Remove Unnecessary Files on Mac

Step 1. Search for idle media files like videos, apps and photos and then delete them from your Mac. If you are not sure whether those unused files can be erased or not, you can migrate them to an external hard drive before you wipe them out.


Step 2. Empty your trash cans on Mac


Step 3. Delete junk files with MacClean


MacClean is cleaning program that I use to free up my Mac space. It supports to remove junk files that are generated from browser, app, and Mac system. And it is compatible with MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac mini, MacBook Air and more.



2. RAM Is Insufficient

If your Mac's RAM is 4GB or 8GB, you may get a slow running speed while you are loading files or apps. In order to see the situation of your RAM, you need to open Activity Monitor and click "System Memory". Then you can view a chart which shows your RAM's status.


How to Fix: Use Activity Monitor App to Clean


Step 1. Go to Terminal: ~/Applications/Utilities


Step 2. Type the "Purge" command to clear your RAM


3. Too Many Unneeded Startup Items

Startup items are various programs that will load up when you launch your Mac. Their loading process will cost time and slow down your computer.


How to fix: Close Some Startup Items

Step 1. Navigate to "System Preferences"

Step 2. Chose "Users & Groups"

Step 3. Click "Login Items"

Step 4. Pick out the startup items that you wish to close

Step 5. Hit on the "-" option


4. Too Many Files on Desktop

You will encounter Mac Running Slow problem if you put too many files on your Mac desktop.


How to Fix: Delete Unused Files

You can simply clean Mac desktop by drag and drop the unwanted files to the trash can and then erase them from the trash can.