iTunes Music Manager – the best iPhone Manager for Windows

If you are a Windows user, you probably expect to find an iPhone manager for Windows that can fulfill your wish of managing iPhone in an efficient way. With such a tool, you can handle something such as backup, transfer and download app easily and quickly. Therefore, I am thinking about iTunes Music Manager would be your best choice.


iPhone, the biggest brand of smartphone, is well known for its multiple function. It is often used as media player, game machine and portable PC. Designed by Apple, iPhone is more compatible with Mac than Windows. Windows users often find some errors when they connect their iPhone to PC. They need a manager to handle those error when they manage data between iPhone and PC, such as download apps, backup, transfer and etc.. For that occasion, iTunes Music Manager will be the best iPhone manager for Windows.


This app is not only a simple management tool for a mobile phone, but also an aggregate with a large number of phone resources. It provides users with convenient apps searching, downloading, installing, managing and other services. You can add contact groups from PC to iPhone, remove duplicate contacts and switch data. You can organize your iPhone files by using iTunes Music Manager, and then get rid of an awkward situation when your smartphone can’t go smooth because of the storage almost full on iPhone.



iTunes Music Manager contains 10 sections where you can operate.

iPhone manager for Windows

This app can manage all data on iPhone such as music, videos, photos, information, app and so on. It supports to rebuild iTunes Library, transfer iTunes media to device and backup photos.  


There is one thing should be mentioned - iTunes Music Manager can act as an iPhone contact transfer app as well. You may realize that contacts can’t transfer easily when you use iTunes as your tool. But iTunes Music Manager can switch your contacts data Iin only a few clicks.


Here is a tutorial about using iTunes Music Manager to manage contracts data.

iPhone manager for Windows 

Step 1. Choose “Information” 

When you connect your iPhone to PC, click “Information” and you can see an interface as above.


Step 2. Select “Contacts”

After you click “contacts” on the left side, you can review the data of your contact. Just follow the guides which show on the dialog box.


In a word, this iPhone manager for Windows will be useful for people who use Windows on their PC.