How to Fix: iPhone Wont Connect to WiFi

Sometimes, iPhone users will encounter some Wi-Fi problems on mobile phone, including connection disabled and connections slow. If you can't figure out why iPhone wont connect to WiFi, you can come to read this post. We will present some common Wi-Fi connection problems and solutions for you.


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1. iPhone Unable to Join Network


You know, many functions of iDevice are dependent on the Internet, it is really frustrating if your iPhone iPad is unable to join network. This almost makes your iDevice a brick. If you are stuck on the same problem after iOS 11 update, here we collect you some potential solutions, you can try them one by one to fix it.


1) Check and See If the Wi-Fi button is On

2) Turn off Your Router for 30 Seconds and Restart It Again

3) Restart Your iPhone iPad

4) Forget Your Wi-Fi Network and Join Again

5) Reset Network Settings.


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2. iPhone Slow on Wi-Fi or Internet Slow


Some people complain that their iPhone's Wi-Fi is very slow. The iPhone needs much longer time to load a webpage, download an App or watching videos online. If your iPhone has the same problem, you need to just whether or not it is a network problem. If your iPhone have the Wi-Fi connection problem, you can try the following methods to find out how to fix slow WiFi.


1) Update the iOS to the latest

2) Reset Network Settings to Flush Network

3) Change iOS Default DNS to Google DNS

4) Disable Q0S, MMS and WMM on your router.

5) Changing the wireless channel between 1, 6 and 11.

6) Turn off all the background Apps


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3. iPhone Wi-Fi Won't Turn On


iPhone wont connect to WiFi problem may be caused by iPhone's Wi-Fi greyed out. You can't turn on a Wi-Fi when it is grey. If you also are stuck such a iPhone Wi-Fi problem, here we prepare you some potential solutions as followed.


1) Upgrade to the Latest iOS Version

2) Reset Network Settings

3) Forcibly Reboot iPhone iPad

4) Backup and Restore iPhone iPad

5) Reset Your Router


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4. iPhone Keeps Dropping Wi-Fi


Why is my WiFi not working? It keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi automatically! If you suffer from this circumstance, the first thing you need to do is ensuring that your iPhone is in the range of router. iPhone can't get a signal if it is far from router. If you ensure your iPhone is within the range of Wi-Fi network, but your iPhone's Wi-Fi still keeps dropping, here some ways can fix it.


1) Check and See If There is Something Wrong with Your Wi-Fi Network

2) Renew Lease on DHCP screen

3) Forget This Network

4) Reset Network Settings


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In conclusion, if your iPhone wont connect to WiFi, you can try the following potential solutions to get your iPhone connect to Wi-Fi again.


1) Check your Wi-Fi Router:

2) Make Sure Wi-Fi on And You can See Your Network

3) Input Password If It Necessary

4) Check All of Your Cables and Connections

5) Restart Your iPhone/iPad, Router, Cable/DSL mode

6) Reset Your Network