Three Methods to Transfer iPhone WhatsApp to Android

I am considering to swap my iPhone 6 for a Samsung Galaxy Note and I want to know how to transfer iPhone WhatsApp to Android device. It seems like a daunting task to transfer data between iPhone to Android smartphone. And it is much ado for searching for the solutions to move my WhatsApp data to Samsung Galaxy Note. Now I would like to share those solutions with other people who have the same issue like me.


There are three methods for iPhone users to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android mobile phone. They are transferring WhatsApp by applying Phone to Phone Transfer, using WhatsApp backup and sending email. In the following post, I will introduce them to you one after one.


First of all, let me show you how to migrate iPhone WhatsApp data to Android device with Phone to Phone Transfer. This transfer app helps you to skip complicate operations and inconveniences in the process of transferring. And it is amazing to transfer WhatsApp from your iPhone to a brand new Android device. Before you switch your iPhone WhatsApp to Androidas below, you need to download and install it onto your PC or Mac.



Step 1. Initiate Phone to Phone Transfer and select "More tools" option


Step 2. Choose "Transfer WhatsApp Messages"

iphone whatsapp to android


Step 3. Plug your iPhone and Android smartphone into computer by using USB cable


iPhone WhatsApp to Android


Step 4. Simply click "Transfer" in the lower right corner

iPhone WhatsApp to Android


Note: Your WhatsApp on Android phone might better be empty when you use Phone to Phone Transfer because Phone to Phone Transfer will erase WhatsApp messages on the destination device.


The second solution is to transfer iPhone WhatsApp to Android by emailing WhatsApp chat to your computer. Now let me show you how it works.


Step 1. Open WhatsApp on iPhone and go to “Settings>Chat Settings>Email chat”


Step 2: Choose your desired WhatsApp history that and attach media by clicking "Attach Media"


Step 3: Type the email address and tap on “Send”


Step 4: Sign in your email account on your Android phone and check your old WhatsApp messages at email.

Transfer iPhone WhatsApp to Android via email

Note: You are unable to sync WhatsApp messages on Android device through this solution.


Last but not least, you can move iPhone WhatsApp to Android with the backup created from WhatsApp app on iPhone.


Step 1. Run your WhatsApp on iPhone and go to “Settings>Chats Backup>BACK UP Now”

iPhone WhatsApp to Android - backup WhatsApp

Step 2. Install WhatsApp on Android phone and register your original phone number at new device


Step 3. Tap on “Restore” when a window informing “message backup found” pops out

iPhone WhatsApp to Android