How to Fix iPhone Notes Missing issue efficiently

Annie found out that lots of her notes were disappeared when she opened her iPhone Notes yesterday. She couldn't find the lost notes in "Recently Deleted" folder so she asked me to help her retrieve iPhone notes and explain why those notes were gone abruptly. I think maybe it is an opportune moment to post an article about how to fix iPhone notes missing issue.


The Place to Save iPhone Notes

Before I talk about how to recover notes on iPhone, I would like to elaborate in where iPhone notes are stored first.


Like your contacts and email, your iPhone notes are saved in iCloud, which means your notes are usually preserved on a server that is tied to your email address. In other words, your email accounts, like Gmail, will be a great tool for you to store notes, contact, email and so on. Therefore, your notes files are not literally deleted as they disappear on your iPhone and you are able to recover iPhone notes via your email address such as Yahoo and Gmail.


If you want to find your iPhone notes, you should open your Notes app and tap on the back arrow. And then you will see a list which contains all the accounts that you recently sync notes data with. You can navigate to each individual folder to search for you lost notes.


How to fix iPhone notes missing issue?

Assuming that you don't find iPhone notes by doing the above steps, you are supposed to go to the Settings panel and tap "Mail, Contacts, Calendars". Check every individual email account in order to ensure that you turn on Notes. You may need to add the currently deleted email account on your iPhone. After you re-add your removed email account, tap the Back Arrow and check it as above.


If you can't find the needed notes, you probably delete them. Then you can go to the "Recently Deleted" folder to see whether the notes are there or not. Additionally, you can restore iPhone notes from this folder by tapping the "Move To…" option.


Moreover, if your notes are not found in the above methods, you may need to apply some data recovery apps to get them back. In this article, I am about to recommend you iOS Data Recovery to handle iPhone notes missing issue. As a handy and useful recovery tool, iOS Data Recovery enables users to retrieve iPhone notes in three different but efficient ways. The first way is to recover notes data directly from your iPhone. The second way to restore notes data from iTunes backup files and the last one is to recover from iCloud backups.



All in all, you don't need to be panic when you have iPhone notes missing problems. Just take a deep breath and try the above solutions!

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