Three Ways to Perform iPhone Notes Backup

iPhone Notes app is one of the most significant tools for iPhone users. It stores a great deal of important info on iPhone. You probably use Notes to create various checklists and memos. And sometimes you will need to perform an iPhone notes backup in order to copy and save your note data on your iPhone. You should take backing notes up serious because notes backup is not only an insurance for you to recover meaningful notes data, but also a path to read your notes messages on your computer.


How many notes backup methods do you know? This article is aiming at providing you with three different methods to back up your iPhone notes. It will help you to decide which backup method is the best for you.

iPhone notes backup

Method 1. Create iPhone notes backup with iPhone Data Transfer 

After you download and install iPhone Data Transfer onto your personal computer, you can use it to save your iPhone note data by taking a backup file as below.



Step 1. Launch iPhone Data Transfer and connect your iPhone to computer via USB cable


Step 2. Select "Notes" on the bottom of the following window


Step 3. Check the boxes of your desired notes and click on "To Computer" button



Note: iPhone Data Transfer is an almighty transfer app. It helps you not merely to back up iPhone note but also transfer all kinds of iPhone data like photos, messages and contacts to your computer.


Method 2. Make iPhone notes backup by using Gmail

iPhone Notes can be saved on email account servers. Gmail is one of the most common email accounts for iPhone users to back up notes online.


Step 1. Click the gear icon on your iPhone and select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"


Step 2. Tap on "Add Account" and choose Gmai


Step 3. Enter the information of your Gmail account


Step 4. Turn on "Notes" and your iPhone notes will be automatically backed up

iPhone notes backup via email

Method 3. Back up iPhone Notes via iTunes

iTunes is the official tool, offered by Apple, to back up and recover iPhone notes, photos, contacts and other types of files. You are supposed to ensure your iCloud is off when you use iTunes to back up.


Step 1. Open iTunes and plug your iPhone into your computer


Step 2. Navigate to "DEVICES" and right click on it


Step 3. Click "Back Up" on the drop-down list


Note: iTunes will take a few minutes to back up everything on your iPhone.


In conclusion, those three approaches have pros and cons. You just need to find out which one is the most suitable for you. And from my point of view, I will recommend you iPhone Transfer Data to perform your iPhone notes backup because it can save your deleted or lost notes to your computer!