iPhone Manager - An iPhone File Manager for Mac

All of Apple products have a strict closed-end system so that Apple users can’t access to the file system of those products easily. iPhone, a popular Apple product, surely has the close-end system, which makes iPhone users have some troubles in managing iPhone files. If you are an Apple fan who use iPhone and Mac in work and life, you may need an iPhone file manager for Mac to help you to organize your iPhone files and folders, back up all of your game data and install some special apps.


Is there any app that can handle all your needs on iPhone management? Yes, of course there is! Have you heard about iPhone Manager before? It is the exact app you need on iPhone management.


iPhone Manager is a top iPhone file manager software. It can transfer music, photos, videos, messages, files and everything else between any iPhone and any Mac. It can transfer data from iPhone to device, such as iPad, iPod or other kinds of iPhone. It can help you to transfer, backup and erase your iPhone data as well. Moreover, it can be installed on your Mac easily and quickly.


Furthermore, iPhone Manager is the best iPhone file manager, and it supports you to deal with many types of data, including music, contacts, messages and calendar. For an instance, iPhone Manager enables you to transfer any music from iPhone to Mac or iTunes. You can search for and preview particular music and then copy those songs to iTunes or Mac with drag and drop.   


Here is a screenshot of this iPhone file manager for Mac


Main Features:

1. Allow you to recover any iPhone data between iPhone and Mac

2. Back up iPhone files

3. Transfer iPhone data from or to iPhone

4. Erase iPhone data according to your demand

5. Install Apps which are not allowed on App Store

6. Access to any iPhone system files



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iPhone Manager allows you to manage your iPhone files and folders without jailbreak. Do you need to access the iPhone files and folder of apps? Do you want to browse through your iTunes backups? If you have those problems, you can download iPhone Manager.


All in all, iPhone Manager is a great iPhone file manager for Mac. You can solve nearly every issue of iPhone data management by using this software!