How Can iPhone File Transfer Software Sync Data to PC?

Just as expected, you just like many of the other iPhone users, have the need to transfer or synchronize you iPhone files to your computer. You have the option to use iTunes or iPhone file transfer software.


The employment of iTunes is the ideal method for you to copy and backup data for a restoration for your current iOS device namely iPhone or iPad, or another device. Yet, iTunes has its shortcomings in the process of backing up your iPhone data and files. Whenever you want to transfer files between iPhone and computer, iTunes requires you to import all of the files from iPhone to its library before synchronizing them to the computer. And you should know the possibility of losing non-purchased files such as music after the synchronization.


iPhone file transfer software, on the contrary, will not get you trapped in above situation, while still being able to transfer, backup and sync your iPhone data to PC. iPhone Data Transfer is the very tool you might take up for an easy and fast transfer. This specially designed iPhone to PC transfer software enables you to transfer a variety of data including contacts, messages, call history, notes, calendar, photos, movies and music. Besides, this program can work seamlessly with all iPhone models ranging from iPhone 3GS to the latest version of iPhone 7 and 7 plus. And stay tuned for the coming iPhone 8.


It’s easy to operate and will require only 3 things: your iPhone, your computer and USB data cable. Now you can get things done by following below guidelines after you free download and install the software.



Step 1: Keep iPhone Data Transfer Running on PC

After the installation is completed, you can run iPhone Data Transfer on your computer, and you will enter the user interface then.


Step 2: Connect iPhone & PC

Now you will need to connect your iPhone and the computer via the USB data cable, and you will see below interface then.

iphone file transfer software - connect iPhone to PC 


Step 3: Transfer & Sync to PC

In this step, you can choose the data types by clicking the content on the left. Once this is done, you can transfer and synchronize files to your computer after you select a destination folder on your computer. Now you just need to click “Start” and you can transfer files from iPhone to computer.

iphone file transfer software - to pc