Use iPhone File Manager Software to Manage Files and Folders

If you want to transfer some lightweight files between your iPhone and your computer, like a few photos, packages or a couple of music, you can transfer them with iCloud Drive or Wechat. But if you want to transfer tons of files or manage different kinds of files and folders, for example media files and some third-party apps, you might need a professional piece of iPhone file manager software which can handle a large number of data on iPhone.


As an iPhone files manager, iCloud Drive can't meet your need to batch management of iPhone files. To manage iPhone files efficiently, you are supposed to try iTunes Music Manager.


iTunes Music Manager is a powerful file manager for all of the iDevices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod and iTouch. Don't be confused with the words "iTunes Music" in its name. This software enables users to manage not only music, but also other types of files like photos, safari and backup! iTunes Music Manager intelligently organizes photos, music and videos from your iPhone by file type. It also allows you to edit the files onto iPhone. It is the best iPhone file manager which has nice, simple and practical operation interface.


What's more? iTunes Music Manager enables you to control iDevices completely. You can explore, browse and manage your iPhone files and folders without restrictions!



Now we are going to introduce its function by using the following tutorial. Therefore, you can see how this software manages files and folders on iPhone. PS: you need to launch iTunes Music Manager and connect your iPhone to personal computer with USB cable before you start to organize your iPhone files.

iPhone file manager software -1 


Part 1. Explore And Browse Contents onto iPhone

As an iOS file manager app, iTunes Music Manager is predominating because of its feature on file browsing. You can even preview your data on backup files with this software. Now let's dig out how it works.


Step 1: Click on "Explorer" and "Phone"

All of your folders onto iPhone will appear on the right of the window after you click "Explorer" and "Phone". You can preview the subdirectory of your iPhone folders if you double click those folder's icon.  

iPhone file manager software - 2 


Step 2: Preview photo files

You can view the photos directly if you click twice on the icon of the photos.

 iPhone file manager software - 3 


Part 2. Import Files to iPhone

This iPhone file manager software allows you to add files from PC to iPhone. You need to choose a folder, click "Add" button and browse files which you want to migrate to your iPhone. You should click "Open" at last.

iPhone file manager software -4 


Part 3. Export Files and Folders to PC

You are required to choose files or folders which you want to export to PC. Then, you should click "Export" on the top category. Choose a folder on PC as the destination folder and click "OK".

 iPhone file manager software - 5 


Part 4. Mark Folders

iTunes Music Manager supports users to mark folders. You can quickly access to the marked folder and your next visit will be more convenient and easier.


At first, you should choose the folder and mark it by clicking on the star icon.

iPhone file manager software - 6



And then you can see the marked folder on the left side in your next visit.

iPhone file manager software - 7 


As for organizing files and folder on iPhone, iTunes Music Manager is a pretty good piece of iPhone file manager software. Besides, you can try it by using its free trial version.