Professional iPhone Data Recovery Software for Deleted Photos/Videos/Music

Ever since its first release by Jobs in 2007, iPhone has gain its popularity among the whole world. The exquisite design and powerful features of this portable device made it distinctive, thus standing out from a variety of smartphones. Its featured camera with HD and highly customizable settings provides its users with a lot of fun. Users are always longing for taking photos with their iPhone. However, as a iPhone fan, you may delete photos, videos, music or other files from your iPhone due to various reasons. And, recovering files from iPhone may not be as easy as that from your Mac computer because there is not a recycle bin on your iPhone. Once you delete the files, you can find them nowhere but on your iTunes or iCloud backup. Still, it doesn’t matter even though you don’t have backup, below I will introduce you a piece of iPhone data recovery software that can help you to recover almost any deleted files from your iPhone.


iOS Data Recovery, designed for both Windows and Mac, will empower you the ability to retrieve data files from iOS-powered devices, iTunes backup or iCloud backup. A minor tips for you, as soon as you are aware of a mistaken deletion of any of your files, stop using your device. If you have to use it, do not access the same file type as the deleted data. This will help avoid or reduce the chance of getting the deleted files overwritten.


This data recovery software for iPhone is compatible with all iOS devices: iPhones(from 3GS to the latest iPhone 7 series), iPad and iPod Touche. What’s more, this software allows you to preview the deleted files from which you can choose and recover. Now download it and have a try by following the below tutorials with step-by-step details.



Step 1: Install & Run Software

Download the exact version (Windows or Mac) and install the software on you computer. Then you can start the software and enter the user interface.



Step 2: Connect iPhone & PC

When you open the program, you will be required to connect your iPhone with the computer. You can connect them via a USB data cable. And once you manage to connect the two devices, you will see below interface. Here you should choose “Data Recovery” on the left.

iPhone data recovery software - user interface 


Step 3: Choose Recovery Source

In the next screen, you will need to choose a recovery source: recover from iOS device, from iTunes backup or from iCloud backup. Here you should choose “Recover from iOS Device”. And then the iPhone data recovery software will start scanning your iPhone.

iPhone data recovery software - recovery source 


Step 4: Preview, Select & Recover

While the iOS Data Recovery program scanning your iPhone, you will see deleted files being listed one by one. And when the scanning process is done, you will see all deleted files and you can click to preview them. Now you can select them and click the “Recover” button to start the iPhone file recovery process. Normally this will take up to several minutes and when this finishes, close the window and exit the program.

iPhone data recovery software - select deleted files to recover