A well-used iPhone Contact Transfer App for iOS Users

You may be interested in how to use an iPhone contact transfer app to migrate contact data from iPhone to another mobile phone since you are reading this article.


In fact, a well-used contact transfer app will help you to keep your contact data being transferred seamlessly and flawlessly. This may be one of the reasons why you need a good iPhone contact transfer app.


Contacts on smartphone are very important to every phone user. It makes life easier and more convenient than it was in the old days. You don’t need to look up a phone number from a heavy telephone directory or to recall tons of numbers when you want to make a phone call. You just need to carry a mobile phone, and you can hold all significant contacts on your hand.


If you want to insure that your contacts won't be lost after transferring, you can try to use iPhone Data Transfer. The app cannot only transfer your contacts between two iDevices but also save all your iPhone contacts on your Mac or PC without iTunes. Moreover, it can help you to move data from iOS to Android.


By using iPhone Data Transfer, you can transfer your contacts more efficiently. Besides, you can use it to manage your contact files. You can add contacts from PC to iDevice, edit information for existing contacts and delete duplicate contacts. What's more? As a useful iPhone contact transfer app, the operations of iPhone Data Transfer are straightforward.



Below is a step-by-step tutorial about how to transfer contacts between iPhones.


Step 1. Run iPhone Data Transfer and connect your iPhone to computer.


iPhone Data Transfer will scan your iPhone automatically after you connect your iPhone to PC.

iPhone contact transfer app 


Step 2. Click the old iPhone tab and choose "Contacts" on the following screen

 iPhone contact transfer app - choose contacts 


Step 3. Select the contacts files


You are supposed to choose the contacts which you wish to transfer, and then you need to click on "To Device" button 

iPhone contact transfer app - transfer  


In this tutorial, you can see that this iPhone contact transfer app enables users to manage iPhone without iTunes. And the operations are very simple.