Powerful iPhone 6 Photo Recovery for iPhone Users

Last week, my treasured photos were rescued by an iPhone 6 photo recovery! I was amazed by its powerful features and simple operations. And now please allow me to tell my story and introduce this recovery app to people who want to retrieve their deleted photos or other data.


My iPhone 6 is a gift which I received from my friend in 2014. It is so precious that I never think of changing it to any other smartphone. I use it to make phone call, to have some facetime with friends and families and to take photos for my memorable moment. Therefore, it is full of various data. To free up my iPhone 6 space, I need to delete or transfer some less important files on iPhone. It is not difficult for me so far.


Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted my value iPhone photos last week. This little incident made me very upset because it had never happened. I didn't know how to retrieve photos from iPhone. So I asked some friends about how to recover my photos from iPhone. But they all said that it was impossible after they realized I didn't have backup of those deleted photos. When I searched on the internet, I even read a message saying that there is no magic to get back my deleted photos! I felt depressed and helpless. Should I give up to recover my photos?


Luckily, I found an iPhone 6 photo recovery app on a software website in the next moment. This app named iOS Data Recovery and it supports to recover data due to deletion, device damage, iOS update and so on. Moreover, all kinds of iPhone files can be restored with this app. So my photos can be recovered for sure!



I downloaded and installed it on my computer immediately. Below is what I did to restore deleted iPhone photos with this app.


Step 1. Connect iPhone 6 to computer

I used USB cable to connect my iPhone 6 to PC, and then I found a window as below.


iPhone 6 photo recovery - step 1 


Step 2. Scan iPhone 6 data

I clicked on "Data Recovery" and chose "Recover from iOS Device" first. And then I clicked "Start Scan" to let the app scan my iPhone 6.


iPhone 6 photo recovery - step 2 


Step 3. Click "Recover"

After scanning, I browsed and chose the photos that I wanted to recover. At last, I clicked "Recover" button.


iPhone 6 photo recovery - step 3



That is all I did with this iPhone 6 photo recovery app. Do you think it is useful for you?