Useful iPhone 6 File Manager for iOS Users

If you have an iPhone 6, you may expect to transfer your music in an easier way. In fact, maybe all of the iPhone users have interest in an iPhone 6 file manager which can resolve the transferring tasks better than iTunes.

Have you ever suffered from inconveniences when you try to transfer non-purchased songs between iPhone 6 and PC? Are you tired of iTunes because it always bans you from copying songs from your iPhone 6 to a new computer? If so, you can download and install an iPhone 6 file manager - iPhone Manager, which is a pretty good alternative to iTunes in managing files.

Below is more information about iPhone Manager.

Transfer music without iTunes, make iPhone ringtone, fix ID3 Tags

Transfer and back up photos in albums, Cameral Roll, iCloud Photo Library, etc.

Manage and Backup contacts simply and safely

Recover and back up messages without iTunes

Save roaming data with efficient app management

You can see the functions of iPhone Manager are versatile. In addition, this iPhone file manager app can help you to organize any type of music files with batch management so that you can manage your iPhone music more efficient.

For example, if you want to add some music from your personal computer to iPhone 6 easily, you can try to drag and drop the music with iPhone Manager. 

Here is a tutorial which shows you how to add music by drag and drop.

Step 1. Launch iPhone Manager And Connect Your iPhone 6 to PC

After launching and connecting, you can see a window as below. PS: This iPhone file manager software really has an intuitive interface.

iPhone 6 file manager

Step 2. Locate Music Files on Your PC

If you want to export some music from PC to your iPhone 6, you are supposed to locate and open the folder which comprises on your personal computer.

iphone-6- file manager - locate music

Step 3. Add Music to iPhone 6 by Drag an Drop

You need to click on the "Music" button which is on the main interface of iPhone Manager. And then you can drag and drop all the selected music files from PC to iPhone 6 directly.

iphone 6 file manager - manage music

Note: iPhone Manager is not only a useful iPhone 6 file manager, but also a powerful iOS manager for all iDevIces, including iPad, iPod and all kinds of iPhone. It offers iOS users a perfect solution on files management. You will find out after using it.