Convenient iOS to Android Transfer App - Phone to Phone Transfer

Do you want to replace your iPhone with Samsung? If so, you may need some solutions to transfer your iPhone data to Samsung. Furthermore, you might want to get a convenient iOS to Android transfer to make the process of transferring easier and efficient since you are reading this article.


You may know that data can't be directly transferred from iPhone to any Android device. One of the reasons is that iOS which runs on iPhone is totally different from Android operating system. And the difference makes the transferring process more difficult and complicate. In order to move data from iOS to Android with less effort, you need a useful tool to simplify the transferring operations.


There are a wide variety of tools for you to switch iPhone data to Android smartphone like Samsung. However, we only focus on recommending one must-have app for you in this article. Its name is Phone to Phone Transfer. And it is an one-click program for iOS users to migrate contents between iPhone and Android. With this iOS to Android transfer app, you can easily transfer data such as photos, music, playlist, contacts, messages, videos, notes and apps.


Phone to Phone Transfer can go across the obstacles which are built due to distinct operating system. So that you can move data between iPhone and Android as convenience as between iPhone an iPhone. Below we will offer you a tutorial which displays the operation steps to transfer from iPhone to Samsung.



How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Samsung


First and foremost, you are supposed to download and install Phone to Phone Transfer onto your personal computer.


Step 1. Connect devices and run Phone to Phone Transfer

You need to Plug your iPhone as well as Samsung into your computer and run Phone to Phone Transfer on PC.


iOS to Android transfer 


Step 2. Select source device

In order to move data from iPhone to Samsung, you should select your iPhone as the source device. And then you can click on "Phone to Phone Transfer" button.


iOS to Android transfer 


Step 3. Select target device

Choose Samsung as your target device and click on "Next".




Step 4. Transfer data from iPhone to Samsung

After you click on "Next", Phone to Phone Transfer will automatically scan your iPhone. You can see the following window after scanning. Click on "Transfer" to migrate all of the iPhone data to Samsung. PS: you can deselect the contents which you don't want to transfer in this step.



Note: As a powerful iOS to Android transfer, Phone to Phone Transfernot only enables users to transfer data between iPhone to Android smartphone, but also allows users to transfer everything between iPad and Android device.