How to Recover Deleted iPhone Data Using iOS Recovery Tool?

iPhone has become people's intimate partner in daily life. It helps its users to memorize the contacts of families, friends, relatives and colleagues. It records important moments into image format. Also, it reminds people of significant dates through notes and calendar. Day by day, innumerous files are created on iPhone. In order to help iPhone users to manage those files, manufacturers of software release various data processing tools such as iOS recovery tool, iOS data eraser, iPhone data transfer and so on.


Those tools are aiming at managing iPhone data, including recovering, deleting and transferring. Each kind of tools has different features and advantages. Certainly, we won't introduce all the tools in this post. But we will focus on elaborating iOS recovery tool by taking iOS Data Recovery as an example. You can refer to the following tutorials and compare iOS Data Recovery with other restoring tools that you have used.


In response to different recovery purposes, iOS Data Recovery provides iPhone users with three distinct modes to settle the iPhone data loss problem. We are going to respectively present them in the following article.



Mode 1. Recover Files from iPhone Direcly

This mode will help you to access deleted or lost files from iPhone. Hence you can retrieve iPhone data without using backup files.


Step 1. Launch iOS Data Recovery and Plug iPhone to Mac or PC


Step 2. Choose "Recover from iOS Device" and Hit on "Start Scan" Button


Step 3. Preview The Scanned Data and Click on "Recover" Button

iOS recovery tool - retrieve data from iPhone without backup 


Mode 2. Retrieve iPhone Data from iTunes Backup

As a free iPhone recovery software, iTunes is capable of restoring deleted data by using iTunes backup file. However, it can't selectively recover contents in backup like iOS Data Recovery. In short, you can do the subsequent steps to extract specific files from iTunes backup.


Step 1. Click on "Recover from iTunes Backup File" Button


Step 2. Select A Backup File From The List


Step 3. Click on "Start Scan" Button


Step 4. Check and Choose The Data in Backup


Step 5. Click "Recover"

 iOS recovery tool - recover from iTunes backup 


Mode 3. Recover Data from iCloud Backup Files

This powerful iOS recovery tool, iOS Data Recovery, will be used as a file extractor that retrieves iPhone data from every iCloud backup.


Step 1. Click on "Recover from iTunes Backup File" Button and Sign into iCloud Account


Step 2. Select and Download an iCloud Backup


Step 3. Preview The Contents on iOS Data Recovery and Select "Recover" Option

iOS recovery tool - recover from iCloud backup