How Can iOS Data Recovery Software Restore Contacts from iPhone?

Losing the contacts on the iPhone should be the last thing an iPhone user is willing to come across. People now don’t write them down on paper. So if you lose the contacts, you will have to ask for numbers and details from family and friends, one by one. What a disaster! Yet, you don’t need to panic because no with the iOS data recovery software, you can easily recover all contacts.

Having been dealing with iPhone for so many years, I can tell some common reasons that can result in losing contacts on your iPhone:

Deleting contacts from your iPhone by mistake

Failing to update the iOS to upper version

contacts in an incomplete list

Having your iPhone affected by virus

No matter which circumstance you are in, you can recover contacts from the iOS device or iTunes/iCloud backup. Recovering from iTunes or iCloud is easy, but on condition that you have backup. If you don’t, you need to retrieve contacts from your iPhone. In this case, iOS Data Recovery can help you. With this iPhone data recovery app, you are able to recover contacts from not only iCloud backup but also iOS device. In fact, in addition to contacts, you can also recover other data and files from your iPhone, for example, messages, call history, photos, videos and music.


While enabling you to recover contacts from your iPhone, this iOS data recovery software can ensure the recovery process is safe and guarantee you an intact recoverable contacts. Now download iOS Data Recovery to recover your iPhone contacts from the iPhone or cloud backup!



You can follow the below tutorials on how to restore contacts from iPhone.


Step 1: Install & Launch App

Now install the iOS Data Recovery on your computer and then launch this program.


Step 2: Connect iPhone & PC

After you enter the user interface, you will need to connect your iPhone and the computer via USB. And when you see below interface, you should choose “Data Recovery”.

ios data recovery software - user interface 

Step 3: Choose Recovery Source

In the next screen, you will need to choose the recovery source: from iOS device, iTunes backup or iCloud backup. Here we take "recover from iOS device" as example.

iOS data recovery software - recover from iPhone


Step 4: Recover Contacts

In the next screen you will need to select what to recover, for example, if you want to recover contacts, you just need to select the contacts option and once the iPhone contact recovery tool finishes scanning the data on your iPhone, you can see the deleted contacts listed under the "Deleted Files" column. Now you just need to click the "Recover" button to recover contacts from your iPhone.

iOS data recovery software - recover contacts