The Best iOS Data Recovery Program Free Download for 2017

The popularity of mobile devices is obvious, with almost everyone carrying smartphones and tablets anytime and anywhere. And you must be thankful to Job’s bringing the iOS devices like iPhone and iPad to the world. The built-in and configurable apps on your iPhone and iPad allow you to do a lot of incredibly interactive things like making phone calls, sending text messages, surfing Internet via web browser, making notes and taking photos. These are important data resources for you and imagine if they were gone all in a sudden, what will it be like? I can guess you’d try any means to recover data from iOS device.


Really, you just can’t keep out of the affair. There is a possibility for any of us to get stuck in this situation. Though Apple has been always offering powerful devices, it can’t prevent no accident from happening. You may have come across or heard of cases in which the iOS data could be just lost. Here are some:

  -- Your iPhone got broken, crashed, smashed, or damped.

  -- Wrong hand to delete iPhone photos or messages by accidentally.

  -- iOS upgrade, jailbreaking failure or factory settings restore on your iPhone.

  -- Malicious virus attack to your operating system.


Taking above into consideration, it is necessary and important to backup your iOS data. However, it seems that many of you fail to do this crucial thing not until it’s too late. You can’t find a recycle bin on your mobile device or a way to recover data directly from your iOS device. Luckily, there is always a solution. And iOS data recovery program can just help you out of this awkward situation.


iPhoneData’s iOS Data Recovery should be your first choice. You can free download this software and experience how easy it can be to recover data from iOS device.



Support Multiple Recoverable Data Types

iOS Data Recovery allows you to recover a wide range of data types including 9 types of text contents(Contacts, Messages, Call History, Calendar, Notes, Reminder, Whatsapp, Safari bookmark) and 12 types of media contents(Music, Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos, Podcasts, iTunes U, Ringtones, Audio Books, Voice Memos, Photos, Camera Shot, Playlists, Albums).

ios data recovery software - supported-data-types 


Support Multiple iOS Devices

This all-in-one iOS data recovery software is 100% compatible with iOS 10 and support all iPhone models, iPad and iPod Touch.

ios data recovery software - supported iOS devices 


Support 3 Recovery Modes

No matter what causes data loss on your iOS device, our data recovery tool can help you recover iOS data according to your different requirements. And this software offers 3 recovery modes that enable you to recover data from iOS devices, iTunes backup and iCloud backups.


With so many powerful features and advantages over common data recovery apps, iPhoneData’s iOS Data Recovery can be the best choice for you.