Can iCloud Check Photos Simply and Quickly?

How can iCloud check backup photos without restoring? In this post, we will present your two different ways to access iCloud photos, which enable you to directly preview iCloud photos before you try to recover them to your iOS device. Now let's start to learn how to access photos on iCloud without any trouble.


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Option 1. View iCloud Photos with iPhone Data Transfer


If you are searching for a method on how to check iCloud photos? This award-winning tool - iPhone Data Transfer can help you to check and export iCloud photos with great ease. You may not able to check all the photos on iCloud in a short time due to the huge amount of photos. So, why don't you export iCloud photos to computer so that you can check them at any time? With iPhone Data Transfer, you can easily export all your iCloud photos or part of them to your computer for checking at any time. Here are the detailed steps.



Step 1. Download and launch iPhone Data Transfer on your computer

Step 2. Click iCloud icon and then sign in your Apple ID

Step 3. Click blue circle button on the right side and then Click Photos

Step 4. At this interface, you can check and view all your iCloud photos

Step 5. Choose all or multiple photos, then click "iCloud download" icon to export selected pictures to computer.


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Note: After exporting iCloud photos to computer, you can check iCloud photos at any time you want. You’ll not be allowed to log in your iCloud account on the third party software with turning on TWO-STEP VERIFICATION, so please turn it off temporarily.


iPhone Data Transfer is a comprehensive iOS data manager that help iOS users manage and transfer iOS content and iCloud content. When it comes to iCloud content, iPhone Data Transfer allows you to back up your iOS dada to iCloud, export dada from iCloud to computer and even transfer data among multiple iCloud accounts. It supports transferring multiple types of iCloud data, for instance, contacts, calendars, reminders, notes, and photos.


Option 2. Check iCloud Pictures via


Apart from the Option 1 for you to do iCloud check with iPhone Data Transfer, you can access iCloud photos through with following steps:


Step 1. Open any browser at your computer

Step 2. Navigate to

Step 3. Sign in your Apple ID

Step 4. Click on Photos


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Note: By default, you will see all photos which you have stored or synced with iCloud.


You may know that anyone with an Apple ID automatically gets 5GB of free storage on iCloud. Therefore, every iPhone users is keen on taking pictures and sync them to iCloud for preservation. iCloud enables you to check your vital photos on iCloud. However, that iCloud check service is not simple enough and has some restrictions. Therefore, we would like to suggest you adopting the first option in this post, because it is more convenient, which allows you to check your iCloud photos and selectively export multiple photos or all photos from iCloud.