How to Wipe MacBook Pro Easily

Why should we clear cache on our Mac computer? How to Wipe MacBook Pro simply and safely? Before we settle this two questions, let's see what is cache first.


Cache is a file which is saved on Mac's hard disk when a browser, app or system works. With it, you can access to a previously viewed place quickly. In other words, cache will is a "shortcut" for your to perform a task. However, the large cache data will occupy your Mac space and too many caches are most likely to slow down Mac's performance. Therefore, if you find out that you Mac runs sluggishly, then it is time to learn how to wipe MacBook Pro and start to remove cache files.


Here are two methods for you to clear Mac's caches like browser cache, iOS photo cache, user cache files and system cache. You can choose one of them to delete the cache files and free up your Mac, especially when there is no space on your Mac.


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Method 1. Erase Cache Files from Mac with MacClean


As a professional cleaning utility, MacClean offers simple and safe way on to remove cache files from MacBook Pro, Mac Mini and iMac. It enables to safely clean up and speed up all Mac products, which runs Mac OS (X) from 10.7 to 10.11. With it, you can delete almost all caches on your Mac, including users cache, system cache or browser cache data which are generated by Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Opera. Moreover, this software is capable of automatically collecting cache and cookies of the mentioned browsers. Now let me show you how to clear cache on Mac with MacClean.


Step 1. Get MacClean on your computer

You need to download and install the program on your computer and then launch it.


Step 2. Delete system caches on Mac

You should go to "System Junk > Scan > Review Details of OS X Junk " and then you can see all system caches in the program. You can check how much space cache files take on your Mac in the right panel. After that, you need to select and remove the files that you don't want it to stay in your computer.


Step 3. Remove browser cache on Mac

Now you need to navigate to Internet Junk and click on Scan to review detail of any browser that have been used before. Just preview them and tick the data which you want to delete.


Step 3. Clear iOS photo cache and user cache


You ought to switch to "System Junk" and then choose "Scan" so that you can review detail of User Junk after scanning. Deleted the found cache files as you like.


Note: MacClean is a 1-click app for people to clear memory on Mac. You can apply this program to manage and speed up your Mac easily and efficiently.


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Method 2. Manually Clean Up Cache on Mac


Assuming that you don't want to use any third party application to cope with your Mac's cache files. You can utilize the following instrucitons.


Step 1. Run the Finder on your Mac and then click on the "Go" option

Step 2. Navigate to "~/Library/Caches/" to access all cache files on Mac

Step 3. Search for the caches that you plan to get rid of

Step 4. Clear the unwanted caches from your Mac.


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Note: this method doesn't support to delete all kinds of cache files on your Mac. If you want to quickly and comprehensively erase unneeded cache data from your Mac, you can choose the Method 1. By the way, if you want to know how to wipe MacBook Pro permanently for resale, you can download the free-trial of MacClean program and give it a shot!