How to Wipe iPhone for Resale?

There is one thing that should always be kept in your mind when you plan to sell your iPhone or give it away. That is erasing all your iPhone data and making sure the data become irrecoverable. In a word, to wipe iPhone for resale completely could ensure your security of privacy on iPhone.


iPhone data can be recovered even if you have wiped out all the data from the device with iTunes. The data can be recovered by various kinds of apps which support to restore iPhone data easily and quickly. The reason is that the iPhone data are not gone after default Factory Settings. The data are just marked as "can be overwritten data" and stored in Flash Memory. And some hackers are able to steal your personal information by retrieving your iPhone data when they get your iPhone. And the personal information might be your bank account, bank password, business secret and etc. It treats your peace of life if those privacy are leaked out. Therefore, you should have a better way to erase data on iPhone so that your privacies won't be disclosed in any way.


iOS Data Eraser is made to protect iPhone users' privacy by cleaning iPhone data completely and irrecoverably. It will erase your iPhone as well as reset the OS. What's more? iOS Data Eraser ensures that your data will never be restored and gained.


Main Features of iOS Data Eraser:


1. Analyze iPhone data

2. Wipe iPhone data completely

3. Clean iPhone's private data

4. Free up iPhone's space


iOS Data Eraser is compatible with Windows and Mac OS, you can download different versions according to the brand of your computer.


How to Wipe iPhone for resale with iOS Data Eraser


After you connect your iPhone to your personal computer, you will see a window as above. You need to click the green button "One-Click Scan" and let iOS Data Eraser analyze your iPhone. On the window, you can also see 5 icons. Each icon refers to different functions. From left to right, they refer to "Erase All Data", "Erase Deleted Data", "Erase Private Data", "Space Saver" and "iOS Optimizer".


If you need to reset iPhone for resale, you should click the first icon which shows "Erase All Data".


There will be a dialog box after you click the "Erase All Data" button. The dialog box will require you to type "delete" so that your command will be confirmed. At last, you should click "Erase Now" button.


Your iPhone data will remain no data at all after this process is done. Thus, you must always back up your important data before you start to wipe iPhone for resale with iOS Data Eraser.