How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to Android Easily?

How to transfer videos from iPhone to Android easily? Assuming that you want to share a couple of new iPhone video with your friends who have an Android phone, the easiest way may be to send those videos by using WhatsApp or other kinds of IM services. But if you want to transfer a large number of videos to an Android device, then the most suitable way will go to Phone to Phone Transfer - an one-click data transfer program.


Today, I am going to post both transfer methods in this article and help you to gain detailed images of these two methods.


Method 1: How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to Android via IM Services


IM service is a wireless instant messaging service. Apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Facebook Messenger and Wechat are products that provide us great IM services. Usually, we will send messages, photos and videos to other people by using those apps. Therefore, IM service is quick and easy way for iPhone users to transfer video from iPhone to Android. It allows users to migrate video from one device to another regardless of time and space. However, this method has very a high requirement for the stability of regular wireless network. Moreover, you can't transfer iPhone videos that are in the video library folder and you may be unable to send the same quality videos to your friend because all of the IM service will compress the videos before sending them.


Method 2: How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to Android with Phone to Phone Transfer


If you want to exchange a wide variety of videos from iPhone to Android device, you can apply Phone to Phone Transfer. It is an offline transfer solution for you and you are supposed to hold both iPhone and Android smartphone at the same time. Nevertheless, you can transfer data from iPhone to Android in bunches, including video, photos, notes and music. It can easily transfer a great amount of information on iPhone in a few minutes and is fully compatible with most of the iOS and Android versions. What's more? The recipient device will get the videos as same as the original ones on your iPhone! No compression! Below is a step-by-step tutorial about how to transfer videos from iPhone to Android with Phone to Phone Transfer. You can follow the steps to experience how simple the app can be.



How to Copy Videos from iPhone to Android by using Phone to Phone Transfer


Step 1. Download and install Phone to Phone Transfer on your computer

Step 2. Open Phone to Phone Transfer and connect iPhone and Android to computer

Step 3. Check the video box in the following window

Step 4. Click on "Start Copy" to transfer iPhone videos to Android