How to Transfer iPhone Video to PC Without iTunes?

iPhone Data Transfer is an application that can transfer data from iPhone to PC. It supports to transfer Media, Playlist, Photos, Contact and SMS to your computer. You may wonder why you should have a software like iPhone Data Transfer when you already have iTunes.


Well, iTunes is surely one of the best program for iPhone users. But it is not the perfect application. I am sure you have experienced some trouble such as failing to transfer iPhone video to PC. You are disappointed, but there is nothing you can do. Because iTunes has its restriction on transferring data. The most annoying thing about iTunes will be its sync requirement. For example, all of your music which exists in your iPhone will be erased when you sync iPhone. Why?  Because the Music Library on your computer is empty at that time. This accident happens to iPhone users. It is definitely a nightmare for you.


There are many other reasons why you might choose iPhone Data Transfer. And I think the most important reason is that this app doesn’t require you to sync like iTunes. Are you tired of iTunes’s synchronization function? Do you want to have a more efficient way to transfer iPhone video to PC? Then try this new app now. You can download different versions according to your need.  

After downloading this app, you can use it to export your iPhone data by just a few clicks. Now let’s come to main screenshot of the app and see how to operate it.



Step 1. Get Into The Interface As Follow:

You must connect your iPhone to PC, star the software and enter its interface like this.

transfer iPhone video to pc 


Step 2. Click The Items on The Left

You can choose the items which you want to transfer to your PC and click the blue square on the bottom of the right side. For instant, if you want to transfer iPhone video to PC, you can click “Playlist” on the left side and then click ” To folder ” on the right. Now you just need to wait until the app finishes its transferring.

transfer iPhone video to pc

With this iPhone to PC transfer app, you can be in peace of mind and no longer worry about losing data while transferring. So what are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate to get one for your PC!