How to Transfer iPhone Photos to PC with iPhone Data Transfer?

I am a shutterbug. I like to use my iPhone to photograph everything in my life, such as selfie, food and drink that I ordered, and parties which I have been participated in.

And then I share those pictures to friends by posting them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Thus, my iPhone is often full of different kinds of photos in a short time. I have to clean my phone regularly so that it won’t be stuck for more and more photos data. In that way, I need a software to help me transfer iPhone photos to PC.


As an amateur photographer who use iPhone camera frequently, I will prefer to a better software which can help me transfer data to PC quickly and easily. I am tired of handling iTunes issues when I want to transfer from iPhone to PC.


Therefore, I install a new software which is called iPhone Data Transfer. This software is recommended by my friend who is also fond of taking photos with iPhone. I go to the Internet and download a free trial version of iPhone Data Transfer. And then I brought an official version a few days later. It is really powerful and straightforward. When I use it to transfer data from iPhone to PC, I am no longer worried about errors popping up and feeling depressed for unsolvable problems.


I am attracted by its convenience and powerful functions. And I would like to introduce it to other people. If you have some troubles concerning iPhone photo transfer, you can try the free trial version of iPhone Data Transfer like me. I am sure you will love it.


How to Transfer iPhone Photos to PC with iPhone Data Transfer


Step 1. Connect iPhone to PC

Connect both devices and select “Photos” on the interface as below.

how to transfer iPhone photos to PC

Step 2. Choose Photos

Firstly, you need to tick photos which you want to transfer. Then, you should click the button on the right sides and start to transfer them to PC. 

transfer iPhone photos to pc

All in all, iPhone Data Transfer is a pretty good software for you to transfer iPhone photos to PC. I am sure you won’t regret after you use it.