How to Transfer iPhone Music to PC or Mac?

We know that iTunes allows its users to transfer or copy data from its library to the computers. But this works only for purchased songs and they can be delivered to only 5 authorized computers. And if you want to transfer songs that are downloaded from other sources or that are ripped from CDs, sorry, but that’s not possible. Although this can prevent piracy and protect copyrights of authors, it discourages its users to some extent. There are times when you need to transfer iPhone music to PC computers too. However, it seems that Apple has not give any permission for you to do that. That’s why so many users including you are so unhappy with this.


Imagine that your computer gets crashed or suffers from virus infection, you would probably lose data stored on your computer. And music files on your iTunes library are of no exception. The problem is that you do not have a backup. Good news is the songs are still on your iPhone. All you need to do is transfer iPhone music to PC computer. iTunes cannot help you here, but iPhone Data Transfer do.


With the help of iPhone Data Transfer, you can copy music files from your iPhone, iPad or iPod to your Windows or Mac computer without losing any data: name of track, artwork, ratings, play counts and so on. And don’t worry, it’s very easy to transfer iPhone music to PC using this transfer tool. And below is the how-to tutorials with download options.


How to transfer iPhone music to PC in clicks?


Step 1: Install & Start iPhone Data Transfer

After you download the app from below buttons, install iPhone Data Transfer on your Windows or Mac computer. Start the program and you will get into the user interface.




Step 2: Connect iPhone with PC

Now you will need to connect your iPhone with the computer via USB. After you plug the iPhone to your computer, iPhone Data Transfer will detect your iPhone and will display the phone info on the screen.

transfer iphone music to pc - connect iPhone to PC 


Step 3: Select Music/Playlists & Transfer to PC

You can select music files under “Media” or select Playlists; after that, click on “To Folder” to select a destination folder and then click “Start” to transfer iPhone music to PC.

transfer iphone music to pc