How to Transfer from iPhone to Computer for Backup and Management?

When you need to transfer data from your iPhone to your computer, you would not hesitate to use iTunes. Indeed, using iTunes to back up iPhone data onto your PC is easy, but there is still a disadvantage: the backup data you want may not be in an easily accessible format. So how to transfer from iPhone to your computer while ensuring the data is readable and can be managed easily? You can make full use of iPhone to PC data transfer software that can help you transfer data from your iPhone to computer for backup or management purpose. And iPhone Data Transfer cannot only meet your needs in transferring data but also offers you functions that iTunes cannot offer.


Transferring data from iPhone to computer is easy and fast via iPhone Data Transfer. Developed originally for iOS data transfer, iPhone Data Transfer works compatible with any iOS-powered device including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This software makes iPhone to computer transfer an easy and straightforward process while enabling you to transfer any type of data such as contacts, SMS messages, photos and other media files. What’s more, you can manage the iPhone data on the computer by viewing, editing, adding or deleting them. You can transfer all or selected data and files to the computer for backup so you don’t have to worry about losing these important data on your iPhone.


Now you can download the program and read on to find out how to transfer from iPhone to computer with this iPhone to computer transfer software.




Step 1: Install & Run Program

After you download the application from above button, you can then install it on your computer. Next, you can start the program via shortcut.


Step 2: Connect iPhone & PC

Once you launch the application, you will need to connect your iPhone with the computer via a USB data cable.


Step 3: Select Data

Once the devices are connected, select the data from your iPhone.

how to transfer from iPhone to PC - connect devices 

Step 4: Transfer to PC

Now click “To Folder” and select the destination folder on your computer; and click “Start” to transfer data from iPhone to the computer. After the transition is completed, click “OK” and then exit the iOS data transfer tool.

how to transfer from iPhone to PC