How to Transfer Data from iPhone to PC?

iPhone stores a large number of data such as photos, videos and music. Sometimes you need to transfer data from iPhone to PC so that your iPhone won’t be stucked because of the increasing iPhone files. Maybe you want to migrate your iPhone data to PC so that you can show those data to some particular persons on PC.


Can you transfer data between iPhone and PC? What apps do you need to transfer data?


If you don't know how to transfer data from iPhone to PC, you can spend some time reading this article. It will talk about two ways to transfer data between both device.


The first way is that you can transfer data with iTunes


iTunes is designed as a combination media player, media library and iDevice manager app. It can help you to back up and transfer contacts, messages, photos, apps and other personal data. iTunes supports to transfer data between your iPhone and your PC via apps that support file sharing.


In fact, the way of transferring iPhone data to PC with iTunes has four steps. Before you start to transfer from iPhone to PC, you should make sure that you have already updated your iTunes to the latest version.


Step 1. Connect your iPhone to PC

Firstly, you should connect your iPhone to PC and start iTunes.


Step 2. Click the device and the Apps buttons


transfer data from iPhone to PC 


Step 3. Choose the app

You are supposed to choose the app that you want to transfer from iPhone to PC. This app can be seen in the list on the left.


Step 4. Transfer iPhone data

In this step, you should choose the file that you want to transfer, and then click "Save to". Now you need to select where to store the file and click "Open".


The second way is to transfer data from iPhone to PC with iOS Data Transfer


iOS Data Transfer is a useful tool and it supports various kinds of data such as photos, apps, videos, contacts, messages and music. Moreover, iOS Data Transfer is compatible with different operating systems. That means it can transfer data from Android to iOS, too!


Here is a tutorial on transferring photos from iPhone to PC with iOS Data Transfer.



Step 1. Connect iPhone to PC

After you connect your iPhone to PC, you can see an interface as below.


transfer data from iPhone to PC - use app 


Step 2. Click "Photos"

You should click "Photos" on the top and tick the photos you want to export to your PC. After that, you should click "Export" and select "Export to PC".


transfer data from iPhone to PC - export to PC 

Actually, iOS Data Transfer is a powerful iPhone to PC transfer. It is easy to use. All in all, iOS Data Transfer may be a good choice for iPhone users who want to transfer data between two devices.