How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Android Completely & Easily?

“Apple’s walled garden”, as many out there calling it, refers to the various restrictions Apple set for the iOS users. And by choosing Apple’s iOS, you can only choose iPhone. Compared with Apple, Android has more possibilities by offering various smartphone brands and models, including HTC, Huawei, LG, Samsung and so on. So if you want to switch to Android to experience the joy of Android wonderland, you might have to consider one thing: how to transfer data from iPhone to Android smartphones? As, you know, you have a huge amount of data to transfer.


When you transfer from one phone to another phone, no matter these two phones are of same operating system or cross platform, you need to transfer a lot of data including contacts, SMS messages, calendar, notes, documents and media files. Actually you have different options to transfer these data, but just like what I mention in the title, I am going to talk about ways that are completely and easily.


You may have learned from the Internet and find ways like backup to iCloud or Google Drive and G-mail Chat. These solutions may work out for you when you need to transfer a small amount of data, e.g., several contacts. For one thing, backing up to cloud requires network in good condition and huge data takes a lot of time. For another thing, what if there is no network? So I’d recommend you Phone to Phone Transfer - an iPhone to Android transfer app that can move everything from one phone to another completely and quickly, without network connected. Now you can download this software and install it onto your computer.



User Guide: How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Android


Step 1: Start App & Connect Devices

Start the app that you’ve installed on your computer; and connect both your iPhone and Android phone with your computer via USB cables.


Step 2: Select Content File

Once the mobile devices are connected with your computer, you will see below image, now you need to select the content type you want to transfer.

how to transfer data from iPhone to Android - select content 

Step 3: Transfer Data from iPhone to Android

After you select the content, click “Start Copy” to tell Phone to Phone to execute the transition. Within minutes, the huge data will be transferred completely from your iPhone to the new Android phone.

how to transfer data from iPhone to Android - copy


And that’s all for “how to transfer data from iPhone to Android”, if you want to learn about transferring data from Android to iPhone, you can refer to How to Transfer Data from Samsung to iPhone Series