How to Ttransfer Contacts from iPhone to Galaxy Phone?

It is said that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will show up at the New York Global Conference this year. According to the released configuration parameter of Galaxy Note 8, this smartphone has 6.3-inches, 18.5: 9 QHD resolution display, Xiaolong 835 / Exynos 8895, 3300 mAh battery capacity and supports iris recognition as well as the body IP68 dust and water. Another rumor said that Apple will launch iPhone 8 on September 12. It seems like there is a hard competition between these big smartphone brands.


Do you decide which phone to swap for your handset this year? Well, no matter what you choose, there is one thing that you need to bear in mind. That is getting your contacts transferred to your new device. Therefore, this guide focus on telling you how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Galaxy phone and vice versa.

how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Galaxy 

As a matter of fact, it is annoying and troublesome to transfer contacts between your iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. The reason is that these two smartphones run totally different operating systems. However, it is also unavoidable when you change your iPhone into Samsung. How can you easily and efficient sync iPhone contacts to Galaxy phone? Here we offer you two methods to select.


Method 1. How to Ttransfer Contacts from iPhone to Galaxy with One Click


We suggest you to apply an intelligent transfer tool - Phone to Phone Transfer. It can help you to switch contacts between different mobiles. It supports iOS, Android, Blackberry OS, Symbian and other OS.


Key Features of Phone to Phone Transfer

1. Easily transfer data between different mobile platform

2. Enable to transfer data like contacts, text messages, call history, SMS, photos, apps, calendar, video and music

3. 100% safe and risk-free

4. Allow you to erase all files on your cell phone



How to Ttransfer Contacts from iPhone to Galaxy

Step 1.Download and Install

Phone to Phone Transfer has PC version and Mac version. Choose the one that fits for you.


Step 2. Connect

You should plug both iPhone and Galaxy into a Computer with USB cords. After these two devices are recognized, you need to select them as a "Source" device or a "Destination" device.


Step 3. Transfer

You are required to check the "Contacts" box and click "Start Transfer" to initiate the transfer.

 how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Galaxy

Method 2. How to Ttransfer Contacts from iPhone to Galaxy via Email

Assuming that you have synced your iPhone contacts onto iCloud, you can migrate your contacts without USB cables.


Step 1. Go to Settings > iCloud


Step 2. Turn on "Contacts"


Step 3. Sign in your iCloud on computer and then tag on contacts


Step 4. Select all contacts


Step 5. Click on the "Export vCard" to download the contacts


Step 6. Navigate to > Contacts


Step 7. Click on "Import" button and then select the VCF file that you download


Gmail will transfer your contacts Samsung Galaxy device automatically.


how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Galaxy via Gmail 


In our opinion, Phone to Phone Transfer is the better tool to transfer iPhone contacts to Note 8 or other Samsung products. And it is capable to exchange additional iPhone data between whatever smartphones as well!