How to Transfer Apps to New Phone?

Changing phone is quite common for every iPhone users. The reasons are various:

You use the old phone for year and it run slowly.

Your phone gets damaged or broken.

You drop the iPhone into water.

Someone steals your iPhone.

You are a Apple fan who never miss out a new model, for example, the coming iPhone 8.

If you're upgrading to an iPhone 7 or iPhone 8, you might need to transfer your data from the old iPhone to the new one. If you want to transfer apps to new phone, there are ways to go: iTunes, iCloud, or data transfer tool.


Solution 1: Transfer Apps to New Phone via iTunes

*** Make an iTunes backup of your previous device

1 Connect your old iPhone to the computer. 

2 Launch iTunes and select your device on iTunes. Make sure the iTunes on your computer is the latest version. 

3 Click “Back Up Now” to start the backup process.

transfer apps to new phone via iTunes 

*** Transfer your iTunes backup to your new device

1 On your new iPhone press the Home button when you see the "Hello" screen. When you see the Apps & Data screen, tap Restore from iTunes Backup > next.

2 Connect your new iPhone to the computer and open iTunes to select your device.

3 Select Restore Backup. And then choose the right backup

4 Wait for the restore process to finish, then complete the rest of the setup steps on your iOS device.


Solution 2: Transfer Apps to New Phone via iCloud

Before you can start up your new iPhone, make sure there's a recent iCloud backup of your old iPhone. You can check it by going to Settings > iCloud > Backup. If the backup isn't new enough, you can tap "Back Up Now."


Follow below steps to back up your old phone to iCloud and then transfer apps to new phone.

*** Make an iCloud backup

1 Connect your old iPhone to the Internet with Wi-Fi.

2 Go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > iCloud Backup. You should make sure that iCloud Backup is turned on.

3 Tap Back Up Now. 

4 Make sure your iPhone is connected with Wi-Fi during the backup process.

*** Transfer your iCloud backup to your new device

Now you can set up your new iPhone. After you enter your iCloud account information, you can restore from a backup. Choose to restore from a backup and make sure you select the recent created backup from your old phone.

1 On your new device, connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi network. And when you see the Apps & Data screen, tap Restore from iCloud Backup > Next.

2 Sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID and password. 

3 Choose the right backup from the list and start the restoring.

4 Stay connected and wait for the restore process to finish, then complete the rest of the onscreen setup steps.

Solution 3: Trnasfer Apps to New Phone via Phone to Phone Transfer

If you are tired of the complicated process to transfer apps to new phone via iTunes or iCloud, indeed they are a little bit complicated, you can try a direct way. With Phone to Phone Transfer, the process will be a lot easier.


1 Launch Phone to Phone Transfer and select “Phone to Phone Transfer in the user interface.

2 Connect both the two iPhones to the computer.

3 Select data type and click “Start Copy” to transfer apps to new phone.

Phone to Phone Transfer