How to Transfer Apps to New Phone Easily?

So you finally make your decision to replace your old phone with a new smartphone, say the upcoming iPhone 8 or Samsung, how to transfer apps to new phone with ease? And in addition to apps, there are a lot of stuffs that you might want to move, for example, photos and contacts. So how can you make sure everything you want will be on the new phone?


Thanks to Google's cloud services, it's dead simple to transfer all of your apps and data to a new Android phone. However, this is limited to two Android devices, what if they are iPhones, and what’s more complicated, one iPhone and one Android phone? As for iPhones, you can sync data via iCloud or transfer from old iPhone to iTunes and then from iTunes to new iPhone. That is to say, it is easy to transfer data between phones that are running the same operating system. But this is more complicated if they are of different platforms.


Don’t be worried yet as I am going to show you an effective way that can solve cross-platform data transfer. With the help of a phone to phone data transfer app, you can transfer everthing from one device to another, regardless of platform like iOS and Android. And Phone to Phone Transfer is one of the best apps of this kind to help.


Switching from one platform to another is not as difficult as you imagine. Below I will show you how to transfer apps to new phone by using this powerful data transfer software.



Transfer Data from Phone to Phone

Step 1: Install & Run Software

You can download the software from above buttons. Windows and Mac version are available for download now. Then you can install the app on your computer and run it to the user interface. When you see below screen, choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" to move on.

how to transfer apps to new phone - run app 


Step 2: Connect Phones to PC

Now you will need to connect both mobile phones to your computer via USB cables. And the phone to phone data transfer app should detect your iPhones and will show you models of source phone and destination phone.

how to transfer apps to new phone - connect mobile phones to PC 


Step 3: Select & Transfer Data

Once the devices are connected to the computer, you will need to select what you want to transfer. Just click on the box to enable the item. And the iPhone data transfer software will start transferring data from one phone to another after you click the "Start Copy" icon.

how to transfer apps to new phone - start transferring


The whole progress of how to transfer apps to new phone is rather simple and you should not have too much difficulty with this.