How to Solve iPhone Cannot be Synced Error 54 While Syncing with iTunes?

When you use iTunes to sync your iPhone, it is quite possible for you to receive an alert message saying:

“The iPhone cannot be synced. An unknown error occured (-54).

iPhone cannot be synced - iTunes error 54

So what is going wrong? If you have not come across such problem, you might not have an idea what this error is. Most of iPhone users think this iTunes Error 54 is related to authorization and administration issues. That is to say, you have not authorized your computer, or you may have no permission to move or modify the data. This could happen if a file on your computer or iPhone is locked. When you connect your iPhone with the computer, you will need to allow permission to access, modify or transfer iPhone data on the computer. In most cases when the error occurs, you will be able to sync after you click the OK button at the bottom of the message. 

But if the sync process still won’t start, you might have run into any of the below situations:

The iTunes app was corrupted on download or is not completely installed.

The iTunes on your computer is not the latest version.

iTunes files were corrupted due to iOS update failures.

You failed to upgrade your device to the latest iOS.

iTunes-related program files got deleted or damaged.

Windows system files was corrupted due to virus or malware infection or human wrong operation.

Taking above reasons into consideration, you can try below methods to solve the error of iPhone cannot be synced.

1. Allow permission to authorize the computer to use iTunes.

2. Make sure you download an intact iTunes app of the latest version and get it installed completely.

3. Restart iTunes on the computer.

4. Upgrade your iDevice to the latest iOS version.

5. Scan your computer to check if there is any virus or malware on your computer and if there is, remove them.


If this iTunes unknown error 54 results in your failing to sync iPhone to iTunes, iTunes will not have the latest backup of your iOS device. So it’s not possible for you to restore your iPhone with the latest files once you lose data on your iPhone. If iTunes cannot help in such a case, the what can?


I have two solutions for you if your iPhone cannot be synced with iTunes:

# Solution 1: Sync iPhone to PC using iPhone Data Transfer

# Solution 2: Recover lost data from iPhone using iOS Data Recovery

Solution 1: Sync iPhone to PC using iPhone Data Transfer

iPhone Data Transfer is a professional iOS data management app that enables you to manager, transfer and edit iPhone data files on the computer. With this program, you can sync your iPhone to Windows or Mac computer with great ease. All data on your iOS device can be transferred to the computer or they can be synced from the computer back to the iDevice.

For more info on how to sync iPhone to PC, you can refer to: How to Transfer from iPhone to Computer for Backup and Management?



Solution 2: Recover lost data from iPhone using iOS Data Recovery

If you mistakenly delete data or lose them due to various reasons, you will need to get them back. But since your iPhone cannot be synced to iTunes or iCloud, you will need a recovery tool. iOS Data Recovery is one of the best iOS data recovery app out there for help. No matter how your data is lost, this powerful will enable you to retrieve them from the source iDevice. The recoverable data include: contacts, messages, iMessages, WhatsApp, calendar events, notes, Safari bookmarks, photos, videos, music files, apps and so on.

For detailed tutorials on how to recover lost iPhone data, you can refer to: How to Recover Data from iPhone without iTunes or iCloud Backup?