How to Save Voicemail to Computer from iPhone?

Much unlike what they did years ago, people now prefer to communicate with others via voice mail rather than send plain text messages. It would be cool for many to get in touch with family, friends or others using the text messages, but only at that time back into the beginning of the 21st century. Time has changed and people have always been willing to try something new. And voice mail, compared with text message, is a lot more visual and interactive. To many, some voice mails are precious and they would never want to lose or delete them on their iPhones. But as the data increases on the iPhone, it is a good idea to save voicemail to computer is you want to keep them.


To family and friends, the content included in voicemail can be the encouragement when you are in hard time, can be the comfort when you are sad. And as for work, voicemail is an essential business tool that enables you to receive messages from clients and employees after business hours or meeting. They are so visual and live with voice and videos, giving you the sense of chatting in flesh.

save voicemail to computer


But since voicemail contains a large amount of info and data, it can eat up the storage on your iPhone very quickly. Therefore, you iPhone would slow down gradually. So you will need to free up space on your iPhone. And voicemail data should be on the top of your cleanning list. Yet you might not be willing to delete some voicemail messages that you cherish so much. So you can save voicemail to computer by transferring them from your iPhone to the computer.


You know you are not able to transfer voicemail from iPhone to PC simply by plugging your iPhone to the computer via USB cable. Unlike photos, videos and other media files, you cannot see the iPhone voicemail data on the computer. So how to transfer iPhone voicemail to PC? An iPhone data transfer app is able to help.


With the help of iPhone Data Transfer, you can save voicemail to computer In a couple of minutes. And you have a backup of your voicemail on the computer so you can review them anytime you want.


Transfer Voicemail from iPhone to Computer

As one of the popular data transfer app for iOS, iPhone Data Transfer is able to help you transfer iPhone voicemail to PC with great ease. Whether you are a tech savvy or newbie, you can handle it all by yourself. Now you can follow below steps:


Step 1: Install & Start iPhone Data Transfer

After you download iPhone Data Transfer, install the app on your computer. Windows and Mac version are available. Next, start the program and you will enter into the user interface.



Step 2: Connect iPhone with PC

Now you will need to connect your iPhone with the computer via USB. After you plug the iPhone to your computer, iPhone Data Transfer will detect your iPhone.



Step 3: Browse and Select Voicemail

In this step, you can click to browse data on your iPhone; and then you are able to select the voicemail data that you want to save to comuter.


Step 4: Export Voicemail to PC

After you select the voicemail messages, click "To Folder" to select a destination folder and then click "Start" to save voicemail to computer.