How to Save Videos on iPhone Effectively

How to Save Videos on iPhone to computer easily and effectively? Will this question appears in your mind sometimes? As for me, I will think about it when I want to transfer my vital iPhone videos to my personal computer so that I can enhance the safety of my critical video data. Today I would like to bring this out and talk about three methods on how to send videos on iPhone to computer.


This idea is caused by the release of iPhone 8, which has a single 12-megapixel camera with an f/1.8 aperture. And that feature makes iPhone users have better experience in recording things in video format. Admittedly, iPhone always offers up great service for people to take videos and photos. If you are an iPhone users, I am pretty sure that you have already used it to record your important moments in your life. When you plan to swap old iPhone to an iPhone 8, you had better save your iPhone data like video, photos, music and others as well as save some specific files to your PC/Mac. And this post will present three different ways for you to achieve your transfer goal. Please read all of them patiently.



Way 1. How to Download Videos from iPhone to PC with Windows AutoPlay


Apart from transferring video data to a new iOS device, you can use all the ways that I am going to talk to free up hard space on your using iPhone. Or you can download your iPhone videos to have a further use on your computer.


Step 1. Plug your iPhone to PC

You can see an AutoPlay window pops up automatically after you connect your mobile phone.


Step 2. Choose "Import Pictures and Videos using Windows" option in the program


Step 3. Download video files by clicking "Import"




Way 2. How to Save Videos on iPhone to Computer with iPhoto


Apple offers up a convenient tool for iOS users to manage videos and photos. You should remember that iPhoto can only be used in a Mac computer which runs OS X and later versions.


Step 1. Make a connection between your iPhone and Mac

iPhoto will automatically open on your Mac after connecting.



Step 2. Click on your iPhone's name on left panel


Step 3. Select the videos that you desired to transfer and click "Import Selected" to save them onto your computer.


Way 3. How to Save Videos on iPhone with iPhone Data Transfer

iPhone Data Transfer is a powerful application for iPhone users to transfer data like videos, music, notes and more between two devices. With it, you can easily save videos and switch them to an iPhone without data drop. Moreover, iPhone Data Transfer allows you to remove iPhone videos in a bunch.


Step 1. Launch iPhone Data Transfer on your computer and then attach your iPhone  to a computer



Step 2. Select "Videos" option

You should check the desired videos among Movies, Home Video, TV Shows, Music Videos, Photo Video, etc.



Step 3. Transfer selected videos to your computer after clicking the "To Computer" button