How to Save Text Messages on iPhone with iOS Data Recovery

There are a ton of reason for you to back up your iPhone data, including text messages, contacts, notes, calling history and settings. An integrated backup file will include all of the necessary data on your iPhone so that you can recover your valuable files again. Here I want to ask you a question about how to save text messages on iPhone easily and straightforwardly? I know that iTunes and iCloud can back up and restore my iPhone data. But I expect to have a more intelligent application to manage my iPhone backup files.


Any idea? Well, I just got such kind of software a week ago. It is iOS Data Recovery. Here is more information about how to save text messages from iPhone with iOS Data Recovery.


Key Features of iOS Data Recovery

iOS Data Recovery enables users to manage multiple iPhone backups. You can preserve your backups into any place on your computer at any moment as well as sort out your previous archives on a specific storage drive. Moreover, you can selectively retrieve iPhone backup data with no restriction of time or storage space. In addition, you can deal with your Music and Video libraries separately in so that you can avoid copying duplicate file and use less space on your computer.


How to Save Text Messages on iPhone by Using iOS Data Recovery


Part 1. Back up iPhone Text Messages onto Computer


Step 1. Open iOS Data Recovery and connect iOS device to computer

Step 2. Select "Data Backup & Restore" option

how to save text messages on iPhone - launch app 

Step 3. Choose "Message & Attachments"

how to save text messages on iPhone - choose data types 

Step 4. Preview the detailed info and select the files that you want to back up


Step 5. Click on "Backup" button


Note: This all the steps about how to back up text messages. It will need a few minutes to complete the whole backup process, according to the size and amount of your iPhone data storage. You can view the backup file in detail after you accomplish the backup.


Part 2. Recover Deleted Text Messages


iOS Data Recovery offers up three recovery modes for users to retrieve text messages, including directly recover text messages from iPhone and extract data from iTunes or iCloud backup. I will present the steps of recovering data from iPhone in the rest of the post.


Step 1. Launch iOS Data Recovery and plug iPhone into computer

Once you connect your iPhone to computer, iOS Data Recovery will automatically recognize your device.


Step 2. Click on the "Recover from iOS Device" button


Step 3. Click "Start Scan"

iOS Data Recovery will detect your iPhone data by itself. You can click the "Pause" button to stop then scanning process if you see all the message data that you want to recover are uploaded on the following window.


Step 4. Preview and recover

How to save text messages on iPhone selectively? You ought to browse the scanned message files and select the ones that you wish to restore from your iPhone. Lastly, you need to click then "Recover" option.

 how to save text messages on iPhone - preview and recover