How to Ssave GIFs to iPhone Simply

I can get some interesting GIFs onto my iPhone. What should I do? How to save GIFs to my iPhone? Have you ever encounter the above problems when you surf the Internet with your iPhone? Do you know the answer? Can you play your saved GIFs on your iPhone? If you don't know how to do, you can read this post and find some solutions.


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As one of the most popular image formats, GIF are often used in Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler and other social network sites. It is known as a moving picture or no-sound short video. Besides, it has a smaller size than video, which makes it easier to be uploaded or shared on instant messengers. If you don't know how to save a GIF on your iPhone, you will feel inconvenient or even depressed when you go through some interesting or funny GIFs online by using safari or some other apps on your iPhone. Without downloading your desired GIF to iPhone, you can't share them with your friends and family anytime and anywhere.


Now let’s start to check some tips to save and play GIFs on iPhone.

Part 1. How to Save GIFs on iPhone

Since the Safari browser for iOS doesn't include a download manager, it will take takes a few extra steps to save animated GIFs. You can't straightforwardly download a GIF animation to your iPhone. Instead, you need to select the "Share" option and send your wanted GIF to your Camera Roll. Here are two things that you should do.


Step 1. Hold on the GIF until the "Save Image" button slides up

Step 2. Tap the button to save GIF on iPhone


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Note: All downloaded GIF files will be stored in Camera Roll folder in Photos app on your device. Maybe you can try a GIF downloader to do this job. After saving, you can view the GIFs as below.


Part 2. How to View and Play A GIF Animation on iPhone

You can see the GIF animation is at the bottom of the Camera Roll album when you open up "Camera Roll". You can view it by tapping the thumbnail. However, Photos only displays the animation's first frame. If you want to view all the original frames in the saved GIF animation on your iPhone, you need to upload a GIF to Facebook or send it in a text message. Then the GIF will play as intended. Or you can use a third-party photo-viewing app to play your GIF files. After you figure out how to Save GIFs onto iPhone, you can try the succeeding steps to play your saved GIF files.


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How to Play A GIF in The Message App on iPhone

Step 1. Open Messages app on your iPhone

Step 2. Turn on iMessages service.

Step 3. Start a new iMessage to yourself by tapping your phone number.

Step 4. Attach the GIF files and send them

Step 5. Preview all GIF files


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Bonus tips: If you choose to use a third-party app to view your GIFs. You can download a photo-viewing app with support for GIF animations, such as Photos+, GIFViewer or GIFPlayer. Then you just need to open your photo-viewing app and select a GIF animation. Browse your iPhone's photo albums in any of the photo-viewing apps by tapping the "Browse" button in the menu bar.