How to Retrieve Deleted Voicemail with iOS Data Recovery?

In 2007, Apple released its first iPhone installed with Visual Voicemail. Apple improved voicemail so that people can listen to iPhone messages more easily and wipe them out with the swipe of a finger. Visual Voicemail lists your voicemail calls on screen and enables you to listen to them by simply tapping. Besides, voicemails are usually stored on phone companies' servers. As long as your messages are not expired in a certain time, you can retrieve deleted voicemail by tapping on "Deleted Messages" option on your iPhone.


If you want to recover deleted voicemails which are over expire date you may need to contact your phone providers and see whether they can deal with your lost voicemails. However, that is a really time consuming, and sometimes the customer service personnel have no idea for what you contacted them!


In order to retrieve deleted voicemail iPhone without encountering those inconveniences, you probably need iOS Data Recovery to help you. With this data recovery app, you can restore your deleted voicemails in three simple ways, including retrieve the data from iPhone, iTunes backup and iCloud backup. Below are some key features of iOS Data Recovery and three tutorials about how to restore voicemail.


Key Features:

1. High speed of recovering

2. Retrieve deleted voicemail, contacts, notes, videos, photos, call history and so on

3. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

4. Recover data from iOS directly

5. Selectively recover data from iTunes or iCloud backup files


How to Recover Voicemail with iOS Data Recovery

You are supposed to open iOS Data Recovery and connect your iPhone to computer after you download and install it.



Mode 1. Recover from iOS Device

Step 1. Click on "Recover from iOS Device" button

Step 2. Select "Voicemail" and click on "Start Scan" button

Step 3. Preview your voicemails after scanning and choose what you want to recover

Step4. Click on "Recover" to retrieve deleted voicemail

retrieve deleted voicemail from iPhone


Mode 2. Recover from iTunes Backup

Step 1. Click "Recover from iTunes backup file"

Step 2. Choose the backup file that you want to use for recovering and click "Start Scan"

Step 3. Check your voicemail and Click "Recover"

retrieve deleted voicemail from iPhone


Mode 3. Recover from iCloud Backup

Step 1. Sign in your iCloud account

Step 2. Select the backup that contains your deleted voicemails and download it

Step 3. Click on "Scan" after you download it

Step 4. Click "Voicemail" on the left sidebar and choose the files that you want to recover

Step5. Click on "Recover" button to retrieve deleted voicemail of iPhone.