How to Restore Photos on iPhone 4/4S/5/5S/6/6S/7/7S?

iPhone, the leading mobile phone, is well adored by the world. And its HD iSight camera brings its users a big surprise by providing them a visualized and intuitive effect for photographing. You can equipped the photos with fantastic effect, which makes them more attractive. You take a lot of photos and store them on your iPhone, of course they are cherished photos of your beautiful memories. But imagine that one day, all of your cherished photos are lost, what would it be like? Surely you will get mad while trying to figure out how to restore photos on iPhone.


You may be lucky because Apple’s iTunes and iCloud can do something to help. Indeed, iTunes and iCloud can really do you a big favor, but on one very condition: you have a full backup file on iTunes or iCloud before you lost the photos. If you have made backup, congratulations and you can get back the lost photos right now! If you don’t, please spend some more time reading on and you will find the solution.


So what to do next? My suggestion is do not do anything until you get an almighty iPhone photo recovery tool such as iOS Data Recovery. Why would I say do not do anything? This is because when data like photos are deleted or lost, they are not really got deleted, but stored somewhere by the OS. If you try to access the same type of data (photo), you will have the deleted data overwritten. So once the photos are gone, stop accessing photo files or even stop using the iPhone. Before recovering the lost photos, you can download and install iOS Data Recovery on your computer, and then you can follow below tutorials.



Steps on how to restore photos from iPhone:


Step 1: Run Photo Recovery Software

After installing iOS Data Recovery on your computer, you can run the software.


Step 2: Connect iPhone with PC

Now you will need to connect your iPhone with the computer via USB cable. Once the two devices are connected, you will see below interface, you should choose “Data Recovery”.

how to restore photos on iPhone - data recovery 

Step 3: Choose Recovery Type

In the next screen, you should choose “Recover from iOS Device” before you move to next step.

how to restore photos on iPhone - from iOS device


Step 4: Select & Recover Photos

When the iPhone photo recovery tool finishes scanning data on your iPhone, you can see in the results the deleted photo items in red. Just select items you need and then click “Recover” to restore the deleted photos from your iPhone.

how to restore photos on iPhone - recover