How to Restore Locked iPad Perfectly?

Locking iPad with a password will prevent unauthorized use of your iPad device, which makes your iPad safer and protect your private iPad data like messages, notes, contacts, and other sensitive info from leaking. However, it will become a trouble if you forget the lock passcode. It is worse if you don't know how to restore locked iPad. Because you can’t recover your iPad by yourself, you have no choice but to fix your iPad by sending it to the Apple maintenance shop. And that is a time and money consuming process.


In fact, it is very simply to restore a locked iOS device. I believe that you can do it on your own after reading this article.


Tutorial on How to Restore Locked iPad


Step 1. Plug your iPad to a computer.


Step2. Select the iPad device and then tap "Summary".


Step 3. Choose the "Check for Updates" option.


Step 4. Hit on "Restore iPad" button.


After you restore iPad to factory settings, you will lose all the existing files on your tablet. You need to back them up and then you can get the erased iPad files back as below.


Part 1. Back up and Recover Data on Locked iPad via iTunes


If you forgot iPad screen lock password, you are supposed to do this part while you try to unlock your iPad device.


Step 1. Run iTunes


Step 2. Connect iPad to your computer


Step 3. Click "Summary" and then select the "Back Up Now" to create a backup files.


Step 4. Locate the backup and check the data in it.


Step 5. Recover missing iPad data from the iTunes backup


With this backup, you can simply click "Restore Backup…" button. When the recovery process is done, you completely settle the issues about how to Restore Locked iPad.




Part 2. Recover Data on Locked iPad by Using iOS Data Recovery


iOS Data Recovery is a great handy tool that we would like to recommend here. You can use it to back up as well as retrieve iOS data after iPad disabled. Moreover, iOS Data Recovery enables to selectively extract lost data from iPad to your computer. Besides, it supports multiple kinds of data such as Contacts, Messages, Call History, Calendar, Notes, Reminders, Photo, Videos and so forth.



Step 1. Launch iOS Data Recovery


Prior to running iOS Data Recovery on your computer, you should download and install the program first.


Step 2. Select "Data Backup & Restore"


After you plug iPad into your computer, you can click on the "Backup" button start to archive iPad files.


Step 3. Recover data onto locked iPad


All the backup data will be sorted out in different categories, you are required to check them and then choose your desired iPad file before you hit on "Restore to Device" option. If you want to save the lost data onto your PC, you need to choose "Export to PC".


Here is all about how to restore locked iPad without data loss. Hope that can help you anyway.