How to Reset iPhone without Password before Selling?

If you want to sell your iPhone, you will need to reset it. But your iPhone will be disabled and locked up automatically after 6 attempts with wrong password. And you are not able to use it. So how to reset iPhone without password? After you read this article, you will get the solutions.


Mobile phone such as iPhone has been empowered with powerful features, which makes it work like a mini super computer. A mobile phone can meet almost all your needs: making phone calls, texting messages, taking photos, watching movies and TV, listening to music, playing games, taking notes, surfing the Internet and more. It becomes a part of your life and It is hard to imagine what it will be without smartphone.


Changing phones is quite common and well, necessary. So you may sell your old phone so it won’t have a big impact on your budget for a new iPhone. But with so much data and information on your old iPhone, it is important to wipe iPhone clean before you sell it out. So you may need to reset your iPhone and make sure every single info is deleted permanently from your iPhone and is 100% unrecoverable. Otherwise, there will be a chance for the inheritor of your device to exploit your personal info or data for crime or something bad.


So if your iPhone is disabled because you input wrong password for 6 six times, do not just bring it to the market. Your should first reset it and delete iPhone data permanently. Although your iPhone offers the delete feature and factory restore option, they can guarantee that all data will be erased completely and is unrecoverable.


So how to reset iPhone without password? Below are two effective methods that can guide you through.

Solution 1: How to Reset iPhone without Passcode via iCloud

Solution 2: How to Reset iPhone without Password via iOS Data Eraser



Solution 1: How to Reset iPhone without Passcode via iCloud

If you have set up your iPhone with iCloud, you will be able to wipe iPhone clean by using your iCloud account. And with the same account and password, you can restore your iPhone data to the new device. You may refer to below steps:


Step 1: Go to in the browser on any of your device.


Step 2 : Sign in iCloud with your account and password.


Step 3: Click on "All Devices" from the top of the browser. 


Step 4: Select the iPhone that you wish to erase. After you click "Erase Device", the password of your iPhone will be removed.


Above solution will erase the password and reset your iPhone. In this way, you can remove password instantly but you will need to sign in your iPhone with iCloud. In addition, "Find My iPhone" service will be enabled on your iPhone.



Solution 2: How to Reset iPhone without Password via iOS Data Eraser

Rather than connect to Internet and use iCloud, you can choose to use a third-party app to remove the screen password from your iPhone. And below is how to reset iPhone without password uing iOS Data Eraser.


Note: All your data will be deleted if you chose to reset the iPhone. The data can't be recovered with any method. Make sure backup the device before resetting.



Step 1: Install & Run iOS Data Eraser

Once you download iOS Data Eraser app, install the app on your computer and then launch the program to enter into the user interface.



Step 2: Connect iPhone to PC

Now you will required to connect your iPhone to the computer where you installed iOS Data Eraser. Once connected, iOS Data Eraser will detect your iPhone and will show the phone info on the screen.

how to reset iphone without password 


Step 3: Eraser Data

In this step, you have the option to choose what kind of data to erase or just erase all data. If you want to clean up the phone, you can choose “Erase All Data” and iOS Data Eraser will begin to delete iPhone data permanently and make it unrecoverable.

how to reset iphone without password 


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