How to Reset A Disabled iPhone Effectively?

Assuming that you type wrong password 6 times, your iPhone will become disabled and you won't be able to use or view any data like messages and photos until you unlock your mobile phone. What will you do when you find out that you can't access to your iPhone? Do you get nice ideas on how to reset a disabled iPhone without data loss? Which recovery tool will you take to get inaccessible iOS contents back?



In fact, it is easy to attain some solutions to restore disabled iPhone. And we are planning to post three common methods in this article. Then we will show you how to get pictures back from a disabled iPhone.


Three Solutions on How to Reset a Disabled iPhone 


Solution 1. Restore a Disabled iPhone by Using iTunes

iTunes is the most familiar tool for iOS users to reset your iPhone after disabled. You can do the following steps to restore your device via iTunes.


Create a connection between your disabled iPhone and PC or Mac > Run iTunes on the computer > Reset your handset once iTunes successfully detect > Recover formatted iPhone data from a previous backup.


Solution 2. Recover Disabled iPhone in Recovery Mode

Here is a way on how to reset a disabled iPhone in recovery mode when iTunes requires you to enter your Apple password but you forget.


Turn your iPhone off > Attach it to your computer > launch iTunes > Force and hold the Power and Home button at the same time > Release both button if the Apple logo appears > Select "Summary" > Click "Restore".


Solution 3. Fix a Disabled iPhone via iCloud

Step 1. Navigate to "" on PC or Mac

Step 2. Sign in by typing the same Apple ID which is utilized on your disabled iPhone

Step 3. Hit on the "All Devices" button to view all iOS devices that are connected with your Apple ID.

Step4. Opt for your disabled iPhone

Step 5. Select "iPhone" and then Restore your iPhone



Generally speaking, all the existing content on your disable iPhone will be erased after reset. Hence you are supposed to get them back with iTunes backups. Providing that you haven't saved the erased data as a backup file, you can try to extract them from the restored iPhone device with iOS Data Recovery. Here we will take recovering photos as an example.


Directly Recover Photos from Disabled iPhone without iTunes Backup


iOS Data Recovery is a powerful photo recovery application which enables to directly revert iPhone photo data from device as well as selectively restore files from backups. Besides, it also supports other iOS data, such as notes, contacts, messages, call logs, Kik messages and so forth.



Step 1. Launch the App on Your Computer

After running it, plug your iPhone into the computer and select "Recover from iOS Device".


Step 2. Detect the Deleted Photos on Your iPhone

You should check the Photos option and then choose "Start Scan" to scan photos from your smartphone.



Step 3. Check and Retrieve Photos

You can preview the scanned iPhone photos in iOS Data Recovery. You need to click on "Recover" button to get them back to your iOS device.


All in all, I think it will be better to know more approaches on how to reset a disabled iPhone and how to recover iPhone contents. And I believe you won't regret to choose iOS Data Recovery!