How to Recover Music from iPhone without Backup?

Just like Apple's Co-founder Jobs and US ex-president Obama, I have also been a crazy fan of Bob Dylan. The music collections Bob created has a big effect on a lot of people. His music made a contribution to not only the range of popular music, but also the history of the United States of America. You must have heard of "Blowin' in the Wind" and "Like a Rolling Stone". I admire him and his music because of the lyric that made him the giant of soul. I had a collection of his music on my iPhone and I lost them all in an accident caused by an iOS upgrade failure. Luckily I managed to recover music from iPhone.

recover music from iPhone - bob dylan music

iPhone, as the most popular smart phone in mobile market, has won its reputation due to its advanced technolog on the iOS system and the amazing features such as camera. Powerful as it is, iPhone still can't set you free from trouble of losing data, just like other smart phones. Data loss is the last thing every one wants to come across, especially when there is no backup. And my case of losing Bob's music collections happened suddenly before I could make a full backup of my iPhone. My iPhone deleted all music files and left the playlist empty.

So it's not possible to restore music back to my iPhone via iTunes or iCloud. We all know that Apple has restrictions on muci and videos on iOS devices. I purchased the collection from Apple Store but I could not transfer music files from my computer to my iPhone even with the help of iTunes. So the only solution for me is to recover music from iPhone. And it is possible to retrieve lost or deleted data such as music directly from the iPhone without using backup. All you need is a powerful data recovery app. And I regained all the lost music and other data on my iPhone b using iOS Data Recovery.

iOS Data Recovery, a decent data recovery program for iOS users, is able to help you recover almost all types of data including music, videos, photos, contacts, messages, notes, calendars events and Safari bookmarks. This app works seamlessly on Windows and Mac computers. What's more, it supports not only iPhone but also iPad and iPod Touch running iOS 6.0 or above. You can download the app first and refer to below tutorials on how to recover music from iPhone.


Steps to Recover Music from iPhone using iOS Data Recovery

Step 1: Start iOS Data Recovery

After iOS Data Recovery gets installed on your computer, start the program. And when you enter into the user interface, click on "Data Recovery".

Step 2: Connect iPhone & Computer

Now you are supposed to connect your iPhone with the computer. After you plug your iPhone to the PC via USB cable, iOS Data Recovery will detect your iPhone. 

Step 3: Choose Recover Mode

iOS Data Recovery offers 3 modes for you to recover data: Recover from iOS device, iTunes backup and iCloud backup. If you don't have backup, you should choose "Recover from iOS Device". And then you should start the scanning process so the program can scan through your iPhone to find out the lost files.

Step 4: Recover Deleted Videos

After iOS Data Recovery finishes scanning your iPhone, it will display the scanning results where you can find the lost music. You just need to select those you want and click "Recover" to recover music from iPhone directly.