How to Recover iPhone Contacts with iOS Data Recovery

How to recover iPhone contacts selectively? Last month, I bought iPhone 7 to replace my iPhone 5 since my iPhone 5 died. I haven't transferred the data on iPhone 5 to my new iPhone with iPhone 5 backup immediately. But now I need to transfer some specific contacts on iPhone 5 to iPhone 7. I want to make sure that the contacts on iPhone 7 won't be erased after I recover contacts from iPhone 5 backup file. What should I do?


I have been bothered by this problem for some time. I search for some solutions on the Internet. Then, I realize that it is impossible to recover contacts on backup files as well as preserve the new contacts on my iPhone 7 by using iTunes or iCloud.


So I gave up to recover contacts with iCloud or iTunes, and then downloaded an app called iOS Data Recovery. This iPhone data recovery crack enables users to selectively retrieve iPhone contacts from iTunes backup file. It is capable to restore iPhone data flexiblely and it features fast recovering speed. In addition, it allows users to preview data on backup files in details and selectively retrieve iPhone data. Also importantly, iOS Data Recovery supports to directly recover deleted data from iPhone and restore data from iTunes or iCloud backup files. In short, it can cover most of demands on recovering iPhone data.


Below is what I did to get specific contacts back by using iOS Data Recovery.


How to Recover iPhone Contacts Selectively with iOS Data Recovery

iOS Data Recovery enables users to restore selected contacts from iTunes backup. Users can preview contacts on backup package before recovering contact files.



Step 1. Scan backup files

I ran iOS Data Recovery and connected my iPhone 7 to my computer. Then, I clicked on "Recover from iTunes Backup File". After that, I saw lots of backup files which were created with iTunes appear on the following window. I needed to choose the iPhone 5 backup and clicked "Start Scan".

how to recover iPhone contacts 


Step 2. Recover selected contacts onto iPhone 7

The process of scanning took me a few seconds. And then all the contacts on the backup were shown clearly. I ticked the contacts which I wanted to retrieve onto my iPhone 7 and clicked on ""Recover".

how to recover iPhone contacts 


Note: I found out that the existing contacts in the backup and deleted contacts from my iPhone showed in different colors. I can separate them by clicking on "Only display the deleted items" button.


After I successfully retrieved my contact onto iPhone 7, I was deeply impressed by the simple steps of restoring contacts with iOS Data Recovery. I can't wait to know how to recover iPhone contacts directly with iOS Data Recovery so that I can insure the safety of my contacts data on iPhone 7. Maybe I can show you the tutorial next time if you are interested in that.