How to Recover iMessages on iPhone 6s Plus?

iMessage supports to send and receive texts, photos or videos through cellular or Wi-Fi network. The texts on iMessage app will be put into blue bubble graphics, which is different from the text in green bubbles appearing on SMS/MMS. iMessages is a great messaging service for iPhone users to keep in touch. It plays a vital role in witnessing the relationship among your families, friends, colleagues, etc as well as recording significant info in daily life.



As an iPhone 6s Plus user, I am fond of using iMessage. And I believe that I will reap the benefits of learning the skills on how to recover iMessages. Once I attain those recovery skills, I will be able to salvage my critical iMessage data which are deleted or lost for accidental deletion, iOS upgrade, water damage and other unexpected incidents. Hence I spend time to search for tutorials and recovery tools and finally find my most satisfying iMessage recovery tool - iOS Data Recovery.


This tool offers up three recovery solutions for users to retrieve deleted iOS data. Now I would like to show you how iOS Data Recovery performs to restore my missing iMessages on my iPhone 6s Plus.



Solution 1. How to Recover iMessages from iPhone 6s Plus

Step 1. Click "Recover from iOS Device"

I do this step after installing and launching iOS Data Recovery and connecting my iPhone 6S Plus to a computer. Then I will choose the "Start Scan" option to have my deleted iPhone files scanned in iOS Data Recovery 


Step 2. Preview the scanned data

Once the scanning process is complete, I will go to check my scanned iPhone files like iMessages in detail. My recent deleted iMessages will be listed clearly. If I want to recover SMS from iPhone 6s Plus, I will check the SMS files in this part.


Step 3. Retrieve iMessages

After I select all the iMessage data that I expect to recover, I need to click on the "Recover" button.



Solution 2. How to Recover iMessages from iTunes Backup


Step 1. Scanning

If I click "Recover to iTunes Backup File", I will be asked to choose an iTunes backup and click "Start Scan" to detect and extract data that are saved in the backup file into iOS Data Recovery.



Step 2. Previewing and retrieving

I have to wait for a couple of seconds. After the scan is over, I can extract my iMessage from iTunes backup to my iPhone 6s Plus by click "Recover" button.


Solution 3. How to Recover iMessages from iCloud Backup File


Step 1. Download my selected iCloud backup file

When I switch to "Recover from iCloud Backup File" recovery mode, I will be required to sign in my iCloud account and choose an iCloud backup to download.



Step 2. Selectively recover iMessages from the iCloud backup

I am allowed to preview all the files in the downloaded iCloud backup in iOS Data Recovery. Prior to clicking "Recover" button, I need to tick the iMessage data that I wish to get back to my iPhone 6s Plus.


All in all, this powerful data recovery software is an ideal tool if you are still looking for solutions on how to recover deleted imessages.