How to Recover Deleted iPhone Video without Backup?

There are many occasions when you need to delete video clips on your iPhone, mistakenly or intentionally. But the most common reason for deleting a video clip on you iPhone should be the lack of storage. A Video can take up a lot of storage space up to several GB. You might have received messages like “Storage Almost Full”, “Not Enough Storage”, “Cannot Take Photo” and “Cannot Record Video”. If you want to get rid of these abominable popups, you will need to delete some videos to free up your iPhone space. But there may be a chance for you to mistakenly delete video files that you want it to be on your iPhone. So how can you recover deleted iPhone video?


Usually there are some methods for you to recover deleted iPhone videos:

Restore deleted videos from your iTunes backup

Restore deleted videos from your iCloud backup

Recover deleted videos from your iPhone using iOS Data Recovery

If you have made full backup of your iPhone on iTunes or iCloud, you can restore the deleted videos using backup. But if you don’t have backup, you can try iOS Data Recovery. Powered by, iOS Data Recovery is a powerful data recovery app for iOS devices. With this program, you cannot only recover deleted iPhone videos but also photos, music files, contacts, messages and other data. Whether you have backup or not, you can get anything deleted back. Below are the guidelines on how to use iOS Data Recovery.


4 Steps to recover deleted iPhone video

Step 1: Download & Install App

Before you get started, you will need to download iOS Data Recovery app and install this iPhone video recovery software on your computer.



Step 2: Launch iOS Data Recovery

After iOS Data Recovery is installed on your computer, you can launch this program. And when you enter into the user interface, click on “Data Recovery”.

recover deleted iphone video - launch program 


Step 3: Connect iPhone & Computer

In the next screen, you will need to connect your iPhone with the computer. After you plug your iPhone to the PC via USB cable, iOS Data Recovery will detect your iPhone.

recover deleted iphone video - connect phones with PC 


Step 4: Choose Where to Recover

iOS Data Recovery enables you to recover deleted videos from iOS device, iTunes backup and iCloud backup. Since you don’t have backup, you will need to choose to recover from your iPhone. Click to select “Recover from iOS Device”. And the program will start to scan your iPhone to locate the deleted files.

recover deleted iphone video - recover from iOS device 


Step 5: Recover Deleted Videos

After the scanning process is finished, you will see the results with deleted files in red. You just need to select what you want and then click “Recover” to recover deleted iPhone video.

recover deleted iphone video - select and recover