How to Recover Deleted iPhone Photos without Backup?

One of the iPhone users posted his question as below and wanted to find solution.

I recently got an iPhone 5 and been happily snapping away. However, the other day managed to delete a load of photos that didn't want to delete. I'm travelling and don't have a computer or have made any backups, via iTunes and neither Photostream or anything like that.

I'd really like the photos back and wondering if there is a way of doing it? I'd put some in the app "Photo Vault" to try and keep some secure, but they're gone as well. I've used SD card software to recover photos from SD cards before with some success, and was wondering if there's a similar thing for iPhone?


From the total number of 2,954 votes for "I have this question too", it's not surprising to find that the above problem is common for iPhone users. So how to recover deleted iPhone photos? That's the question people care the most.


In general, once we lose data from our iOS device, we would first think about using backup. The common ways are iTunes, iCloud or photostream. It is good for you to make backup from time to time. And the backup can make things easier. But it seems very few users have followed Apple's advice.

recover deleted iphone photos from iTunes or iCloud backup 

If we don't have backup, there is no need be panic yet. With iPhone was equipped with the Recently Deleted feature ever beginning from iOS 8, we still have the chance to regain recently deleted photos and other data from the source iDevice, in a period of no more than 30 days. Out beyond the expiration, the deleted files will be removed from the device permanently. So we need to take action, the sooner, the better. But how to recover deleted iPhone photos from the Recently Deleted folder?


The deleted files such as photos are stored in the OS and are invisible to us. That’s why most of us would think they are “gone”. But we can still recover photos from iPhone. Actually the deleted files are just hidden and they can be called out with some special demand. iOS Data Recovery can scan though the iOS device and locate the deleted files, and of course, is able to recover them.


Below are the steps on how to recover deleted iPhone photos using iOS Data Recovery. Before we get started, we should download the the iPhone photo recovery app. Windows and Mac versions are now available for free download.



How  to Recover Photos from iPhone Using iOS Data Recovery?

Step 1: Launch iOS Data Recovery

Once the data recovery app gets installed on the computer, launch it and in the user interface, choose “Data Recovery” to proceed.


Step 2: Connect iPhone with PC

In this step, we will need to connect the iPhone with the computer via USB data cable. Once the iPhone gets connected, iOS Data Recovery will detect the mobile device.


Step 3: Choose Recovery Mode

Now we are supposed to choose where the data should be recovered. The program offers 3 modes: recover from iOS device, from iTunes backup and from iCloud backup. Here we should choose “Recover from iOS Device”. Once we do that, the program will start to scan the iPhone to search for deleted photos.


Step 4: Preview & Recover Deleted Photos

Once iOS Data Recovery finishes scanning the iPhone, it will display the scanning results where we can see the deleted photos marked in red. Now we can click them to preview instantly. And once we select what we want to recover, click “Recover”, and iOS Data Recovery will start to recover deleted iPhone photos.