How to Recover Deleted iPhone Notes?

Before we start the topic on how to recover deleted iPhone notes, let’s dig out why we would take notes and how notes can be deleted from our device.


We are not machines like computers, right? Our brains cannot carry all information that are related or unrelated to us. Put it simple, we are not able to remember everything. Have you ever been in such a dilemma when you were not able to recall an idea hit upon you a second ago, no matter how hard you tried? It is just like itch in the heart but you are unable to scratch it. Maybe the solution to this is taking notes when your idea sparks. Actually a lot of people especially writers have the habit of taking notes.


Time has changed and we seem not to take notes on a paper; instead, we would like to do that on our mobile phones. I have been starting to take notes since some years ago. When I happen to informed of a recommended book, I would write down the book name and author on my iPhone. Note-taking apps are useful to our daily life. The Notes app in iOS is now widely used for different purposes: diary keeping, shopping list making, account/password/personal/data creating, sketches and drawings, checklists or whatever else you may want to keep handy on the iPhone or iPad.


Since most of the infomation kept on the notes contains privacy, we would like to keep the notes safe. We may encrypt them with password settings, or delete them directly from our device. iOS has its own Notes app, a piece of software that’s designed to go toe-to-toe with Evernote, OneNote and other note-taking apps. And the Notes app within iOS device allows users to delete notes easily by hitting the “Delete Note” button. In the meanwhile, the developer of iOS Notes app is so considerate that they make it easy to recover deleted iPhone notes directly from within the Notes app, but keeping them synced in iCloud.


If we accidentally delete an important note on the iPhone, stay calm. Now the latest Notes app versions support an “undelete” process, allowing us to restore iPhone notes to the iOS device, but on the condition that we act within a valid time frame. Normally we have a time frame of up to 30 days. If the note was deleted more than 30 days ago, it will be removed from iCloud permanently.


What if we need to recover deleted iPhone notes that exceed the 30-day expiration? We still have the chance to get them back as long as we have backed up our device. If we have backup on iTunes or iCloud, we can easily restore the iPhone and the deleted notes will be back again on the iPhone. But if we don’t have backup, Apple is not able to help. If Apple team can’t do anything to help in this case, don’t be depressed, we can help! To solve problems of data recovery, we have been dedicated to developing a powerful data recovery program - iOS Data Recovery. With this recovery tool, it is easy to recover deleted iPhone notes even there is no backup.


Follow below and learn how to recover deleted iPhone notes using iOS Data Recovery. Before we get started, don’t forget to download and install the app on the computer. Now Windows and Mac versions are available to download.



Tutorials on how to recover deleted iPhone notes via iOS Data Recovery


Step 1: Start iOS Data Recovery

Once iOS Data Recovery gets installed on the computer, start the app and when we enter into the user interface, click to select “Data Recovery”.

recover deleted iPhone notes - start app 


Step 2: Connect iPhone with PC

Now connect the iPhone with the computer via USB data cable. Once connected, iOS Data Recovery will detect the iPhone immediately.

recover deleted iPhone notes - connect devices 

Step 3: Choose Recovery Source

This iOS data recovery program offers 3 modes to recover deleted iPhone notes:

# Recover from iOS Device

# Recover from iTunes backup

# Recover from iCloud backup

Here we should choose “Recover from iOS Device” because we don’t have backup. And after selecting the recovery source, we can start the scanning progress.

recover deleted iPhone notes - select recovery source 


Step 4: Recover Deleted Notes

After iOS Data Recovery finishes scanning the iPhone, it will enable us to preview the data on the iPhone, existing ones or deleted ones. Now on the left penal, we can see the data types; select “Notes” and we can see the deleted notes. Here we can select the deleted files. Once we click the “Recover” button, the program will start to recover deleted iPhone notes.

recover deleted iPhone notes  

The whole recovery process will take a few minutes, and after that, you can find the deleted notes on your iPhone again.